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Gaming Evolution
Published By: Epic Games
Developed By: Chair Entertainment Group, LLC
Genre: Action
Rated: 9+ (Suggestive Themes, Realistic Violence, Cartoon or Fantasy Violence)
Release Date: December 11, 2011
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Marcus Prunty

January 23, 2012 - Two words to describe this title “BIGGER” and “BETTER”! It’s these two words that sum up the comparison of Infinity Blade 2 and the original IP. But I will explain why this title lives up to those words and why you should be buying this game after you’re done reading this review or heck right now since I already said it was BIGGER and BETTER. What can be said about the Infinity Blade other then it is the best-looking game in the App Store period. It reigned supreme atop the App Store for several months and despite the lack of a story, it is a solid title that I played through the campaign several times over a period of a month or so.

If you played the original Infinity Blade then you are use to the QE (QuickTime Event) combat style and the barely there storyline of getting to the God King and taking him out. Chair Entertainment who developed the game focused more on the graphics and sound design than the story, which to everyone who played the game was quite okay with that fact. However, Chair Entertainment came up with an amazing sequel to the original title. They came up with a real fighting system and added voice acting to tell the story that was complex and you could not predict where it was going. There are no longer levels that are straightforward and linear but more of an open world environment where exploration can occur.

The story of Infinity Blade 2 begins where Infinity Blade ends with Siris; the main character you control, needs help from a group called the Worker of Secrets who created the Infinity Blade. However, in order to get help from them, Siris has to rescue the Worker from their imprisonment by defeating three Deathless, which can only be gotten to by battling through a long series of enemies. This alone shows much more depth in the story then the original game. In addition, like in the original title as Siris is exploring the Vault and trying to rescue the Worker he will battle many enemies and will earn a lot of xp and gold, which will allow him to increase his stats and buy new weapons and other equipment for his journey.

Chair Entertainment gives you the option of playing Infinity Blade 2 with the control scheme from the original game, which consisted of you fighting with a sword and a shield for defense. On the other hand, you can use the new fighting scheme with employs heavy weapons and dual wielding weapons. Both of these weapon options in the new scheme cancels your ability to block but on the other hand gives you an increase chance of powerful hits and major combos. In addition, if you do not like your attack style in the new combat scheme simply buy a new weapon and it changes up. Now the upgrades and tweaks are not just on our side unfortunately. The bad guys have been upgraded as well. They can now use magic against you as well as the patterns that they fight in is no longer static. Meaning you cannot just memorize the moves that the enemy will use every time because it changes thus making the AI a lot smarter.

Not only were the weapons and fighting system and enemy AI tweaked, Chair also tweaked the environment itself. It takes several trips through ‘The Vault of Tears’ to complete the game as you have to defeat the 3 Deathless and with each entry into the vault, new rooms that have yet to be explored become available. Whereas in the first game this was the repetitive part Chair changed things up by having, different rooms each time through so it makes things look fresh.

When it comes to presentation, it is not just fresh, it is beautiful. I did not think it was possible to top Infinity Blade’s graphics; however Chair Entertainment did the impossible. They were able to make it look like a console game on a handheld. There are shadows behind the characters that you can see as they move, the colors, and lighting effects used have never been seen on any game on the iOS platform. The music in the game is beautifully done and helps immerse you as well as the voice acting narrative.

This is the iOS game to end all iOS games. This quality within this game is what all games; who want to take themselves seriously, should strive to achieve. The graphics and sound design are top-notch, a step above its predecessor. The touch controls are new and improved, not simplistic like they were before. The game is Bigger and Better than the original, a lot more weapon options and other equipment, the enemies are smarter and more dynamic than before and there are also more types of enemies in the game. In addition, like the previous game, once you defeat it you can play a more challenging version repeatedly. Chair Entertainment is also talking about coming out with a co-op multiplayer which when it comes to console games were upset if there is no multiplayer. To have this in a handheld game would be astonishing and I hope they pull it off. This is the perfect example of what a sequel to a game should be. BIGGER and BETTER should be what all sequels shoot for. Chair accomplished this and more, this is the best game to ever hit the App Store period. For $6.99 you definitely get your money’s worth, if you have an iOS device go out and get this game now if like I said before you buy it while reading this review.


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