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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Published By: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed By: Insomniac Games
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Players: 1 (16 Versus/2 Co-op)
Rated: M for Mature
Release Date: September 6, 2011
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Written By: Marcus Prunty

September 4, 2011 - When I heard that Resistance 3 was coming out, I was happy as heck. I loved part 2 and I recently purchased part 1 so I was definitely craving another Resistance game. Resistance 3 is set to drop on September 6th and since I pre-ordered it months and months ago through Amazon, they were nice enough to give me a beta code for the multiplayer. I should have written this preview of the multiplayer a week or so ago after I received the code however I found it hard to stop playing the multiplayer.

Now I will admit that the multiplayer isnít finished as it is a beta and Iím sure once itís time to release the game, a lot of the bugs that annoyed me will be ironed out as Insomniac Games is pretty good about providing an amazing experience. Normally I do not play Multiplayer too much but as of late, I have been getting into that more to expand the experience of the Single Player story modes.

When you first start up the multiplayer, you will see the options of Matchmaking, Private Game those are the 2 main modes. In Matchmaking, the system will pair you up in a game with other players around the world whereas Private game you invite your friends to play. Under both modes, you have the options of Team Deathmatch or Chain Reaction. In Team Deathmatch the players are split up into Chimera and humans, you earn points by killing members of the other team in a timed event usually 10 minutes unless it is changed. After each round, you switch sides so if you were humans before you become the Chimera horde next time. This is somewhat funny because I was not aware of the swapping sides the first time I played. I was a human and we kicked butt then apparently, I was switched to the Chimera team so not knowing this I began attacking the Chimera until I realized they were not dying and they had a green reticule on them. I know total noob is what I was thinking after I realized what happened, but hey you live and you learn. I believe the maximum number of players that can be in the match is 16 so itís an 8 on 8 battle not sure if this is just for the beta and that number will be increased or what.

Also on the main screen of the multiplayer is the option ĎChange Load Outí, which allows you the change, the weapons your character has equipped. You can choose between Survivor and Infected. The thing that I liked about having the survivor load out is the doppelganger special ability. You press the right arrow on the d-pad and an exact clone of yourself pops out and runs alongside you shooting so the enemy cannot tell which one is you and 9 times out of 10 will shoot the wrong one allowing you to get the kill. You can even make the doppelganger standstill, and when the enemy goes to melee kill it, it explodes killing them. The other option which is Infected, you have different weapons they give you; a the bullís-eye gun which is one of my favorite guns to use, as well as hedgehog grenade which is cool, but the best feature I liked was the Lightning shield. The beauty of the Lightning shield is that you cannot be melee killed because the shield will shock the enemy as soon as they try to attack you. You also get the spotter ability, which puts up a red screen that allows you to see the enemies, which comes in handy. I must also say that the lightning shield as well as the doppelganger is not things that you can equip the whole match. They have a timer on them as the energy will drain from them then u lose it for a minute or so till it recharges then you can use it again.

The top level you can achieve in the game right now is 20 I believe and as you level up from playing the multiplayer, you get better weapons, armor, and stuff. In addition, you are rewarded for your kill streaks. The more kills you get in a row the better the weapon that will be dropped for you to be used. Now you only get to use the weapon for like 30 seconds to a minute, which does not seem long but in a 10-minute game is actually a ton of time. One of my favorite weapons I got with a 3 or 5 kill streak was the Auger, which can be fired through walls.

With all the good, that you like about a game or a multiplayer comes some bad. Now the major issue that I had which is one that many people had is the lag. Lag is a killer in this game. You will have the enemy in your sights and youíre wasting them or about to and next thing you know their to the side of your or behind you killing you. This was incredibly frustrating when you play but Insomniac games is said to be hard at work on rectifying this issue. There is a slight framerate problem too it is nothing too glaring most players will be upset with the lag before they really notice this.

This multiplayer is very fast pace and fun, especially if you can get your friends on it. The characters and stages that you can choose look great visually. Insomniac definitely came to play with this title so far it seems. I cannot wait to see what it looks like when it comes out of beta and the game is released. Therefore, if you pre-ordered it and or you got an invite from Insomniac to try it out or you are a PlayStation Plus member and got an invite that way enjoy it. Everyone else donít be too worried the multiplayer will be open to everyone soon before the game is released so you can get your game on and be ready to play when the game drops on the 6th of September.

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