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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Genius Sonority
Genre: RPG
Players: 1
Rated: E (Everyone)
Release Date: October 3, 2005
Written By: Sonciphoto

Last year the Gamecube received Pokemon Colosseum which has the normal battles style and with some little RPG elements in it. The developers wanted to bring a whole new idea to the franchise which is the shadow pokemon. Instead of going to the wild grass and hunt for pokemon, you have to steal the shadow pokemon from evil trainers. So then those shadow pokemon you could train them and later purify them from the shadows. Which is sadly the bad part simply because we want a normal pokemon game that we can have lots of pokemon to catch in Colosseum you get a few. Not to mention that the game did not had real puzzles. Now a year later at E3 2005 Nintendo shows Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness but will this one fix the errors of Colosseum? Read on and find out.

In Pokemon XD you will control a different character that is a kid that has a sort of robotic arm and a little scanner that he puts in front of his eye to see shadow pokemon. Also expect a return of Team Snagem and Miror B. The story so far looks like it will be improved and have more interesting stuff going on. Part of the story must include the mysterious Dark Lugia. Apparently this organization both captured the real Lugia and turn it dark or they made a clone or something but very dark. What I do know is that in one video you can see the Dark Lugia destroying a boat and around 2 or 3 helicopters are with him like protecting it, that apparently are members of the organization. Nothing else is really known about other special stuff in the story.

The good thing here is that this time the character don’t look all too weird and scary. It looks like they spent time doing details on each character. The backgrounds and environments in the game are beautiful and fell real like Colosseum; sadly you will visit again all of the places from Colosseum and some new ones. The special effects are now looking more exciting and brilliant then Colosseum, which is something I loved in Pokemon Stadium games on the N64. There are also more animations between the characters that fit in nicely. What I seem to be disappointed is that the pokemon when doing attacks do the same movements they did on the pokemon stadium games except for the pokemon’s that were not on stadium 1 or 2.

The battle system will be just like last year’s game: in turn based selecting your attacks, items to restore HP to your pokemon, running away from battle or changing the pokemon that is in battle. You will have the typical attacks you seen in previous pokemon games, along with the shadow attacks that shadow pokemon get stuck with. The system of shadow pokemon is the same like Colosseum training the shadow pokemon and becoming friends with him so when he’s ready you can go and purify him. The battles have been madder more smooth and fun to do then Colosseum. On Pokemon XD we expect to see more of the solving puzzle stuff to make it fell like an RPG. On the other hand just like Colosseum you don’t seem to walk so you can go from town to town you will just choose from a map your destination and you will see a cinematic of your character in a motorcycle. You will start with an Eevee then later you decide on which you want Eevee to transform into: Jolteon, Flareon, Espion Umbreon or Vaporeon.

Once again the multiplayer battle with linking to the GBA makes a return. But this time you can battle your GBA pokemon against the CPU when you are all alone. You can also import and battle with the main character of Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. The soundtrack in battles feels in some places very techno and very cool just like Colosseum did but this one sound even better, that’s all known, so far of XD is shaving up to be a good improvement from Colosseum. Sadly the shadow pokemon stuff is still there. Let’s just hope that the game gives us more challenge, puzzles and good attacks for the pokemon. Pokemon fans look out for this one on October.

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