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Published By: Epic Games
Developed By: Chair Entertainment / Epic Games
Genre: Action
Players: 1 (2 Versus)
Rated: 9+ (Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence, Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence)
Release Date: December 9, 2010
Screenshots: Link
Price: $5.99
Written By: Marcus Prunty

July 5, 2011 - Infinity Blade is a game developed by Chair Entertainment, which is a apropos name in that, is all you will do when you play this beautifully addictive game. You will sit in your chair and be entertained as you play this amazing game created to be used specifically on a touch screen device. This is by far the most amazing looking game on the iPhone and it takes advantage of the Unreal Engine 3, which gives you the feel of a real game that you could have seen on a PS3 or an Xbox 360.

I have been asked to review this game and many times I attempted it but I did not think I could express how amazing this game was, but then I finally thought about it. There are millions of people who have iPhones that have not experienced this game? What will happen if they have not even heard of this game? Will there lives be less whole? Then I realized if they owned the iPhone 4 with its amazing retina display; to not have played this game would be a big loss to them in seeing the true capabilities of the iPhone 4. So here I am attempting to put into words an accurate depiction of this awesome game.

The game begins with you attacking the castle of the God King in an attempt to take him down; however before you can even attempt to take him out, his guardian steps in and destroys you. Which the God King being the badass he is comes out, takes the Infinity Blade, and stabs you in the heart killing you and absorbing your essence. 20 years pass and you return; this time youíre the son of the original warrior sent to take down the God King, You will fight through hordes of enemies possessing the same skills and items as your father. Upon reaching the God King, he does to you what he did to your father and takes the Infinity Blade and sticks it through your heart absorbing your essence and ending your life. With every victory, the God King grows more powerful, which makes him a tougher foe to vanquish. More time has passed and you return as the son of the hero before and you keep fighting in this endless loop each generation attempting to foil the God King. Eventually you will slay the God King but the game keeps going from there. A lot of you upon reading this may instantly think ďUgh its sounds repetitive as ďhellĒ and I will agree it is, but like I said before, this game is amazing and even with repetitive gameplay its still worthy of being played.

Graphics wise this game is stunning, I remember watching the opening load screen of when the game first starts up and was like wow. Most of the popular iPhone games tend to be cartoony like Angry Birds and Hanging with Friends, but this game is all about pushing the iPhone to its limits and showcasing the direction mobile gaming will in within the next few years. Infinity Blade takes away the virtual joysticks as well as the button from being on the screen like most fighting games has so you can control the actions of the characters.

This game is truly touch screen oriented. There are touch points that you press to enter the rooms, and once youíre in the room you can use your finger to swipe slowly around to move the camera. This allows you to find potions and other hidden items in the rooms. However do not think the rooms are safe havens there is always something or someone to fight in each room. In addition, fighting is what this game is all about. As the player, your swipe your fingers across the screen in a direction and depending on how far you swiped, itís translated by the game into a move that you just initiated. If you do enough of these motions, you will create combos helping you effectively take down the enemies.

The game isnít solely about swiping the screen to perform attacks. As you advance in the game, each generationís enemies grow tougher and try to take out so you need to learn to defend yourself so you can get those all important attacks in. Your defensive moves are dodging, blocking, and parrying and you can use these at various times to counter different attacks that come at you. They are all hard to do and take practice to master them, but once you get good at them you will be glad you did. Dodging is performed by tapping in the lower left or right of the screen. If you tap left you will dodge that direction as well as if you tap right you will dodge right, but you have to time it right so you donít get hit hence the practice. You are equipped with a shield as that is what you use to block. This is the easiest thing to do, as all you have to do is tap on the center of the screen. However, it comes with its own perils as you cannot infinitely block. Each time you use block to defend yourself your shield is weakened and will eventually break so you will need to use dodge or parry as well as attack to keep this from happening. The last defense move is parrying which I must admit took me a while to get the timing down but once I did, was very sweet to use it to counter the attack of the enemies. To parry you have to be able to tell what direction the opponents attack is coming from and attack in the opposite direction so if heís about to attack left to right you want to attack right to left however you have to time it right or else you will get hit.

One of the downfalls of the game is the sensitivity of the touch in the game. It will pick up all swipes of the screen no matter how small. Therefore, if you are trying to decide if you want to parry, attack, or perform another defensive move be careful when your finger goes near the screen because you may end up performing the wrong move you wanted. However, this can be overcome through playing the game so the times you get frustrated tend to go down in occurrence.

Once you think you have the game figured out, it is not as simple as you think. It isnít just a simple case of dodge, parry, block, attack. Chair Entertainment threw in an RPG element to the game as well. you can obtain many different armors, shields, helms, and weapons in the game. Each of these items has its own experience points, however to get the points you have to use them in combat to drain the XP out of the item and into your character. Once you drained, the XP you can resale the item at double the value of it originally as well as you receive a stat point that can be used to make your character tougher. So youíre going to want to drain as many of these items XP as you can to make yourself tougher, which means that some generations you will play multiple times, because the enemies are so much stronger then you that you may need those stat points to improve your skills to take them down. It doesnít take as long as you may think to drain all of the different items you can wield and donít expect to fully exhaust them all because once you do Chair Entertainment will release more items, more enemies, and even more places in the castle to explore and battle in this never-ending game.

The amazing console like high-end graphics on the iPhone take full advantage of the amazing retina display of the iPhone 4. the addictive game play with hack and slash elements coupled with an RPG feel as you level up your character so it can do battle with even tougher foes. All of these things set this game apart from other fighting games on the iPhone. This game sets the bar with what hopefully the future of handheld games can look like. This game gives the PSP, and DS and even the 3DS a run for its money. If you want a challenge and a beautiful game, you will want to experience Infinity Blade by Chair Entertainment. Even a year after being released, I still go back and play this game from time to time and I think you will too.


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