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Published By: Backflip Studios
Developed By: Backflip Studios
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Release Date: May 12, 2011
Screenshots: Link
Price: $0.99
Written By: Marcus Prunty

June 4, 2011 - Protecting the Necronomicon is the only way to save the world. Army of Darkness Defense by Backflip Studios is an iPhone game that is based on the movie titled Army of Darkness by Sam Raimi in which the main character Ash is placed on a medieval battlefield and has to lead an army of knights against an army of the dead. The use of the castle defense genre was a great way of displaying this battle.

As you assume the role of Ash, you find out right away that you move your character left or right by pressing the respective sides of the iPhone screen, thus advancing you forward or retreating backwards to further your attack and defense of the Necronomicon. The Necronomicon is a powerful book of the dead that they want back and you are tasked with defending it against the hordes of dead that come for it. Ash has a variety of powers as well as weapons to aid him in his battle against the dead.

Ash is armed with a powerful shotgun that has been dubbed the "Super Broomstick", as well as some special attacks that ranged from an Arrow Volley, to Magic Spells, and even a Deathcoaster that will steam roll the enemy. When using these weapons at his disposal Ash does a good job of defending himself but where would be the game if that is all you had. Backflip Studios adds more and truly makes it a castle defense genre game by giving you the ability to call in troops to help you defend the book as well as strengthen the castle. As your playing the game and fighting the enemy you will kill them and they either drop gold/ or iron bars that can be used on a variety of troops and castle upgrades to help you defend the Necronomicon. Your options of medieval peasants, swordsmen, archers, and other heavy armored soldiers can be called in to help you repel the attacks. As well as gold can be spent to increase the strength of the barrier protecting the book, as well as place more archers on the walls and catapults. You can even raise the smiting level so you can call for troops faster.

This all seems a bit hectic and chaotic but the game is so fast paced that you will calling for troops and blowing away the enemy hordes with your Super Broomstick and hardly be thinking about anything but what to call for next. You do need to think wisely when it comes to spending your gold on upgrading your troops as well as Ash weapons or else you will end up getting stuck on a certain wave and have to keep playing it till you get enough coins to buy the upgrade you needed. The developer includes an ability to spend real world money to buy in game cash. If this game was a full fledge MMO or something I can see this but for a $0.99 game I would not even go this route.

All in all this is a solid fun title by Backflip Studios, when I first downloaded it to my iPhone I played it for like 3-4 hours straight thatís how fast you can get addicted to it which is always a good sign of a game. In addition, for the price this castle defense game is a good buy if you are looking for something to keep you entertained so check it out.


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