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Published By: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed By: Guerrilla Games
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Players: 1 (2-player co-op)(2-32 Online)
Rated: M for Mature (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language)
Release Date: February 22, 2011
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Marcus Prunty

April 24, 2011 - The ISA and Helghast battle has never looked as beautiful as it does in the newest Killzone 3 game. At a little small convention called E3 (some of you may have heard of it), I was in the audience at the Sony Press Conference, and I got the witness this beauty of a first person shooter. In full high definition and 3D, it was by far one of the best-looking games let alone first person shooters that I had ever seen. It was violent and brutal like war actually is. Sony Computer Entertainment and Guerilla Games were able to give you that feeling by going for full immersion this time around. They want you to feel like everything is happening all around you as you wage war against the Helghast hordes.

Killzone 3 continues right where Killzone 2 left us off at with a small contingent of ISA soldiers trying to survive on the home planet of the Helghast. You play as Sev a soldier in the ISA and the hero from Killzone 2. In the intro, you get a brief flashback that will get you up to speed on what is going on if you happened to have not played the other games or are like me and had not played Killzone 2 in a while. Through it, all the ISA and earth humans in the end call a truce but I do not think anyone told the Helghast that as they continue to hunt down the ISA and capture and kill them. So Sev being the badass he is goes all Die Hard with a Vengeance on them and tries to cause as much damage and kill as many Helghast as he can while rescuing his fellow ISA.

Many people I spoke with were a bit disappointed with the storyline because I will admit it is a bit general and not too in-depth. However I will admit as I was playing the game I wasnít too engrossed with what the story was I was too busy trying to survive the onslaught of the enemy forces and make it to rendezvous points and rescue people that I didnít really stop to think. They accomplish a lot of the story with flashbacks that help you see a lot of the world you did not really get to experience in Killzone 2. As your advancing the story the feeling of hopelessness for the ISA emerges constantly it almost makes you feel like maybe you should just give up thereís no way were going to stop them. These are actual feelings I would assume a soldier would have when you are spending most of your time pinned down in cover trying to save your hide from being shredded by the enemy.

There is quite a few cutscenes in the game where you are introduced to the heavy hitters that are behind the scenes being in charge. The Helghast have their own little power struggle going on between them as the military wants to be in charge while an industrialist who builds all the advanced weapons wants to be in charge. Seeing that play out while you are trying to survive in between the missions is interesting and impactful to where the story goes. It all helps immerse you in the story.

Sony and Guerilla start the immersion off great with the gameplay. The new added cover scheme that they came up with lets you watch bullets whiz by your heads as well as see enemies rushing you. Moreover, you can almost feel the palpitations as the gunfights are going on. The ability to jump from cover and do melee attacks with your knife gives you a gruesome up-close and visceral moment that has been lacking from many fps games. You can actually feel that knife as you push it through the skulls of the Helghast. This is what war is like up-close and bloody at times not just a bunch of shooting at 20 yards to 200 yards away. These quick moves that you can do to silence your enemies without firing a bullet come in handy in a lot of situations where your surrounded but they donít know your there. The movements of the characters has been improved from the way they run and slide into cover, to the way they fire and reload their weapons everything is more realistic and taken up a notch.

The immersion does not just end with the gameplay and the fighting, but you are pulled into the characters as you witness their plight. Sev and Rico are two characters in particular that you see their anxiousness and feel that they do not want to give up. They were sent to do a job, they do not want to give in and go home, and they damn sure do not want to leave a man behind. Their captain of course wants to survive and get as many of his soldiers back home to earth and to their families so has willing to follow orders to do that. However, some of the others like Rico and Sev want to finish the mission they want to avenge the losses they suffer and rescue those who have been taking. The story gets gripping in some of these cutscenes. I would have loved to see more of them to further the story and immerse you even more in the actual game.

Killzone 3 would not be a Killzone game without the toys, the differing machine guns, handguns, shot guns and other weapons. However, it does not stop there the walkers are back as I like to call them. Where you hop in this mechanical robot suit and wage war on the Helghast. I love those missions of fire rockets and machine guns and taking them down it was a rush. Guerilla varies the missions well enough that your actions packed from the first time you take control of Sev to the end of the game.

In the beginning, I said that Killzone 3 was a beautiful game and it is, graphics wise it can easily compete against God of War 3 and Uncharted 2 as the most impressive games that the PS3 has to this date. The environments you are a big help to the immersion that Guerilla and Sony wanted. The Helghast soldiers are more lifelike and real. When you shoot them and they fall, it looks as if a real person just fell to their death. When you hear their screams, it sounds as if their being gunned down by machine gun fire or whatever weapons you happens to be using. One of the most interesting areas that I liked was when you had to defend your base. There is a bunch of trenches, nooks, and crannies that you are running through and gunning down the Helghast as their trying destroy you and the base. The quick turns you take, the desolation and waste that happens to the building as your being attacked the buildings that are crumbling around you while youíre fighting your way out not only immerses you in the mission but it shows off this beauty of what they want you to see. Moreover, that beauty is war is horrible, it is ugly, it is destructive, and many people die and or get hurt. This is all accomplished by the amazing graphics and the awesome sound design for the game.

Oh yea I failed to mention earlier but if you have a 3D TV you can play this all in full 3D even with the PlayStation Move controllers as well. The experience playing Killzone 3 in 3D is something not to be missed. Guerrilla Games made sure the visual presentation is fitting of the experience, while at the same time not to overbearing of an experience that would make you want to switch back to the 2D plane. Speaking of the PlayStation Move functionality, I have to admit that the experience is rather solid and enjoyable. I, like many, had their reservations about utilizing the PlayStation Move motion controller within a game like Killzone 3, but once again developer Guerrilla Games pulled off an amazing feat and shows the true might of the motion control gaming on the PS3 console. If you opt to pick up the PlayStation Move Sharpshooter attachment, then you can experience the action within Killzone 3 from the perspective of the soldier. This game is super flexible like that and gives you a ton of options on how you want to tackle it.

Killzone 3ís single player campaign is awesome however the main reason people play first person shooters nowadays is not for the single player but for the multiplayer. In addition, Killzone 3 does not disappoint on that end either, there are three modes to play with team death match and matches where you have to accomplish objectives. There is also a pretty cool mode called Operations and in this mode, the highest rated players get to see their characters in the cut scenes between the objectives. That is a pretty sweet new feature that I do not believe I have seen in a game before so you definitely will want to check that out. Guerilla didnít go with the class system most multiplayer tend to use where you level up to a certain point and you unlock abilities for that class or rank. Killzone 3 uses the pointís method to where you buy the things you want rather than having to wait until you reached a certain class level to be able to obtain them. The multiplayer will provide you with countless hours of fun with your friends and if this is what you usually buy fps for you will not be disappointed.

Killzone 3 brings this franchise back with a punch a kick and a knife to head of the nearest Helghast soldier. Although the story is a bit light, Sony and Guerilla do an excellent job in immersing you into the story that is there and the characters that you play with and interact with. The graphics are on par or even better than any other game on the market. The sounds of building falling, concrete, and wood being shredded around you as you try to survive the Helghast home world makes this immersion even more powerful. The hours upon hours you can spend playing with your friends in multiplayer expand on the amount of time this game can give you. The added ability of local co-op play can also give you an added pleasure of playing with your friend in the same room. Online co-op would have been even more welcomed addition to the gameplay then local co-op. Killzone 3 is amazing and if you are a fan of the Killzone franchise, or first-person shooters, or heck, if you like to have the best looking games you can, then this is definitely a game you want to add to your collection.


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