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# Published By: O-Games
Developed By: Gusto Games
Genre: Sports
Players: 1 (2-4 online)
Rated: E For Everyone
Release Date: October 5, 2010
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Marcus Prunty

March 12, 2011 - Flashback to E3 2010; as I was walking the floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center there were a ton of games and peripherals being showcased that I was privileged to experience and try out. John Dalyís ProStroke Golf by O-Games was one of those experiences. Being new to the PlayStation Move I tried the demo that O-Games had on display and I initially loved the game the ability of playing a golf game like if I was actually playing golf. Flash forwarding a few months and with the release of the official game, I was able to experience everything this title had to offer. While John Dalyís ProStroke Golf is a step in the right direction for motion-based sports games, itís hindered by one too many issues keeping it from being a great experience.

The experience I had using the PlayStation Move with the John Dalyís ProStroke Golf demo at E3 was fully realized within the retail version of the game a few months later. When you line up the club and prepare to swing it, it almost feels like you have a super lightweight driver in your hands as you go through the standard golf swing. The accuracy and sensitivity of the PlayStation Move can be felt as you adjust your hands with the Move. A slight turn or rotation of your hands can easily correct any slices or hook shots that you may experience while trying to make it to the fairway. The sensitivity and accuracy is what makes a game feel so real, intuitive and completes the experience.

The gameplay for John Daly's ProStroke consists of three modes; Quick Game, Career Mode, and Online. Quick Game is as the name applies; you play a quick game of golf on a course of your choosing. Whereas with Career Mode, you play several courses one after another. However, there is a fundamental problem with Career Mode, as you are not really going through a Career. You get the choice of creating your own golfer and how they will look, though the creation features are lacking. After you create your golfer, you take that golfer on a series of challenges, which unlock courses and then ultimately unlock tournaments. For those expecting an experience similar to that of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series will be disappointed. Once you finish creating your golfer, they are on par with every golfer in the game; which ultimately puts the skill in the end player in order to make them legendary. Career Mode really should just be called Challenge Mode because that is all your really doing is Challenges. When it comes to the Online Mode, I cannot really comment on the experience because I could never find anyone else online to play against. This in itself kind of tells you how the experience must be if no one is really playing it at all.

As you play the game and its many modes, you cannot help but notice the visual presentation of the game. The graphics in this game are very disappointing. Looking at the backdrops, landscapes and the character models themselves, it seems that the visual presentation took a backseat to the gameís control schemes. The courses lack life and atmosphere, as there are only two people on the course; you and your opponent. The lack of crowds takes away from the experience you are used to seeing and experiencing in other golf games. Another issue with John Dalyís ProStroke Golf is the plethora of in-game ads, which can be viewed in almost every sector of the game. While this isnít a game-breaking problem, it does seem like forced advertising considering the lack of the on-field crowds and the fact you canít go five seconds in the game without seeing an ad. The overall visual presentation looks more like games from the PS2, GameCube Xbox era and not of the current generation of titles. John Daly looks better on the cover of the game then he does in the game. The sound design of the game is not really even worth mentioning, the commentary in game is kept to a minimal, which is the total opposite of how golf games should be. The sound effects that you hear in game are ok, nothing to impressive.

John Daly's ProStroke Golf is a good representation of what the PlayStation Move can do. The accuracy and sensitivity of the Move fits very well with a golf game and in this game, it is a more enjoying experience then the top dog of the golf game world, which is Tiger Woods. However if you do not have the PlayStation Move then the experience is not the same. Using the DualShock or the Sixaxis controller is ok and work buts the experience is not as good when you compare it to the Tiger Woods games when using a controller. The graphics and sound design of the game are bland. The different modes offered are a bit lacking and once again do not match up well with the competition. If you can find someone to play with online the experience may be extended but still there is not much to do. This game is not worth purchasing at full price especially if you do not have the PlayStation Move and you are going to use a regular analog controller like the DualShock. If you want to experience a good Move game just for the experience of using the Move then this is the best golf alternative for that kind of experience. However if that is not the case, I would rent this game just to check it out yourself.


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