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Published by: Majesco Sales
Genre: Fighting
Players: 1-4
Release Date: Q1 2006
Written by: Fairieprincessco

The Guilty Gear series has always offered a unique and complex 2D fighting experience. Guilty Gear is your basic beat 'em up game that consists of mastering special moves and creating combos to knock out your opponent. Sadly, almost no Guilty Gear titles have been seen on a Nintendo platform. The only Guilty Gear title ever to grace a Nintendo platform was Guilty Gear X: Advance Edition on the Gameboy Advance. Unfortunately, this title seemed more like a port of the arcade version so it didn’t offer anything really new. So, in hopes of expanding the Guilty Gear fan base, Majesco is providing Guilty Gear: Dust Strikers for the Nintendo DS. This upcoming title will be a unique fighting experience as well as the first fighting game to appear on the Nintendo DS.

Let the battle begin!

Dust Strikers plays like a typical fighter should. Each character will be able to battle with kicks, punches, slashes and various special attacks. There are 21 different characters in Dust Strikers, making all the characters that ever existed in the Guilty Gear series available. Fans of the series will be happy to see Millia back, a character who uses her pony tail that can morph into several types of weapons. Also, it's hard to forget about May. May is another popular character who swings a huge anchor in hopes of crushing someone during the heat of battle.

Guilty Gear: Dust Strikers doesn't quite utilize all the Nintendo DS's features. However, it will put wireless gameplay and dual screens to the test. As seen in several screenshots of the game, it's evident that multiplayer gameplay is something being concentrated on. While using the wireless multiplayer features of the Nintendo DS, Dust Strikers will allow players to connect with up to three other people to duke it out. To make this multiplayer mode more interesting, the winner of the battle is the "last man standing" in this battle.

Now, that looks like some multiplayer fighting madness!

Considering the Nintendo DS's screens are fairly small, it's hard to imagine four players having enough room to duke out some challenging battles. Well, this is where the dual screen comes into use. With the action spread across two screens, players can jump from the top screen to the bottom screen, or vice versa. This keeps the action going as players can choose an opponent they wish to target on. Although, since these battles are "one for all", it's less likely that there will be isolated battles. It makes sense that players will be fighting several people at once in hopes of hitting two birds with one stone.

The graphics seen in Dust Strikers will be similar of past Guilty Gear titles. They are colorful, crisp and clear. Each character has an anime-ish style to them, which is a pretty unique style to see in 2D fighters. One thing to notice though is how small the characters are. Since there can be up to four players on the screen at once, the characters seem like they get truncated in size to guarantee enough space for everyone on the screen. It's not a major issue, but it will take some time to adjust too. What's also nice is that once a player loses, their body will remain on the ground until the battle is over.

Special moves are always key in fighting games.

Dust Strikers seems to go above and beyond just two player matches, making it a promising multiplayer fighter experience. Although, two players can still battle head to head if they choose. On top of a whole lot of fighting action, Majesco will also be providing mini-games in Dust Strikers. These mini-games may involve activities like billiards or arm-wrestling, and by playing them will unlock special moves for various characters. With endless fighting action and mini-games as an extra, Guilty Gear: Dust Strikers is proving to be a great addition to the Nintendo DS library. Guilty Gear: Dust Strikers is expected to hit gaming store shelves early next year.

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