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Hello Mr. Jack Thompson, I know there has beens everal people breathing down your neck over your recent actions in regards to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and now, Killer 7 for the Playstation 2 and Nintendo Gamecube. I understand your point of view on violence within videogames, but can you sit up there a judge the videogame industry, when you don't judge the movie industry as well. You have vioced your opinions on why violent tiles should be kept out the hands of the youth, but at the same time, these young children have access to violent movies, whether at theatres or on DVD. I'm talking about movies like Scareface, Original Sin, Goodfellas, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, etc. These movies, along with tons more, are chalked full of violence and sex, but yet we don't here nothing from you, or anyone else for that matter, speaking out against such films.

I could go one step further and include the music industyr, where you have rappers talking about explicit sex scenes, rape, drugs, shooting one another, guns, etc....and yet, nothing from you or any of your supporters. It's not right for you to attack one, if you can attack them all. They all have their negatives, and they also have their positives. In a recent email that was sent to you, you responded with the following:

"Let me first off say that anyone assossicated with the gaming industry, in general, are much like twelve year olds. They are careless in what they create and sell. I could care less about Joe "21-Year Old" Gamer and his culture. It does not stop the fact that twelve year olds who run the industry are selling these kind of products to younger individuals. Don't try to defend your industry, everyone assossicated with it is to blame including people like you."

First off, you ar eonly talking about a small market of titles within the vast gaming industyr, but anyone associated with the industry are mindless 12 year olds? There are several companies like Nntendo, Sony, Microsoft, Activision, Sega, Atari, Square-Enix; and the list goes on, that have provided tons of titles throughout more than 20 years of gaming that are child oriented or apeal to a wide audience, yet to critisize the whole industyr from a few titles. Sure some may go far and beyond, but you have to face facts, to attakc games like Grand Theft AUto: San Adreas and Killer 7, you would have to attack war-based shooters, futuristic shooting titles, the movie industry, the music industry, etc.

It is safe to say, you have a personal vendetta against violent games. Not trying to start anything with you, but if you look at other countries, which sell these same titles, you don't here about violence, shootings, etc. suuposedly associated with these types of games going on within their countries. I think you are trying to make an arguement in the defense for a messed up society that is within the United States of America, where violence is high, rape is high, shootings, etc.

I don't expect a responce from you or anyone that works with you, but it had to be said.


Matthew Prunty

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