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Published By: Deep Silver
Developed By: Lightning Fish
Genre: Sports
Players: 1
Rated: E for Everyone
Release Date: October 26, 2010
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

November 3, 2010 - While exercise-based videogames have been around for several years, it wasn’t until the release of Nintendo Wii Fit for their Nintendo Wii console that the idea of a videogame helping you get into shape was a practical alternative to going to the gym several days a week. In today’s society many people are simply too busy with work, family and personal issues to make time to go to the gym to exercise, so developers and publishers alike have been trying to bring the experience to the home front. Now that Sony has launched their motion controller in the PlayStation Move, a new market for interactive experiences has opened up for the PlayStation 3 console and the first exercise-based game to take advantage of the new avenue is ‘Get Fit With Mel B’. Developed by Lightning Fish and published by Deep Silver, ‘Get Fit With Mel B’ is an all-encompassing piece of software that looks to get people back into shape, eating healthy and feeling good about oneself. For those who are interested in this experience, continue reading to find out what you can expect from Mel B.

‘Get Fit With Mel B’ is an adaptive piece of software that takes full advantage of the PlayStation Move motion controller, the PlayStation Eye camera and the human body. Whether you are teenager, adult or senior, there is something to be had with this exercise-based software. The whole process has been streamlined for easy access and navigation, allowing the player to jump right into an exercise routine within a couple of gestures and clicks of the PlayStation Move controller. The first time you load the title, you will be asked a series of questions in order to construct an experience tailored just for you. Questions ranging from height to weight, gender and even current exercise equipment in your home are asked. You are also able to set goals for yourself ranging from “de-stress” to “tennis fit”; to even “keep up with kids”. Once you goals are set, you can decide how long you want your exercise routines to last –from 15 to 90 minutes—and this is fully adjustable once you have started your exercise regimen. Once all the setting shave been set, it’s time for you to start your workout. After finishing your workout, you have the option of turning off your console, or diving into other aspects of the software like the stat tracker, the meal guides, etc.

‘Get Fit With Mel B’ welcomes you into the experience with open arms. Whether you want to spend a couple of hours within the experience or simply do a 15-30 minute routine and stop; this title offers you the flexibility to live a normal life while getting into shape. This title is also a great motivator to continue your efforts as it keeps details stats of every exercise you have completed, how much weight your have lost and showing how to do the exercises correctly in order to prevent injuries. I like many people around the world don’t have a problem working out; but have a problem keeping focus and this is where the spokeswoman Mel B comes into play as the exercise instructor in the game. ‘Get Fit With Mel B’ is an experience that works for everyone with more than 200 exercises at their disposal. The reason behind the variety of exercises is because people tend to get board doing the same routines over and over, which has been a principle reason for some people stopping their exercise routines all together. You have your traditional exercises, Yoga, Tae-Bo, Jazzercise, Step Aerobics, Pilates and so on. Depending on your goals you set and the exercise equipment you have on hand, your routines will incorporate several different elements in order to give you a total body workout.

‘Get Fit With Mel B’ utilizes the PlayStation Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye camera in order track your body moments during the exercise in order to know if you are doing the exercises correctly. The PlayStation Move controller is used to track your hand and arm movements, while the PlayStation Eye camera is used to track your body movements. There is an option to turn off viewing yourself working out alongside Mel B, however for those who aren’t experience with the routines or want to see how they look performing the exercises, it’s a welcomed addition. While working out, there is a huge gauge that pops up on the screen to let you know how you are doing in that particular routine. If you are working out at a slower pace than Mel B or not putting in enough effort, the gauge will go down. If you let the meter drop all the way down, you won’t have to worry about losing a life or any of your superpowers; however you will hear a few words from your instructor in regard to your efforts. At the end foe ach routine, you will be told exactly how many calories that routine would burn; so if you are doing it exactly how you are suppose to, then you know how much weight you actually lost in process. Once you are done with your entire routine, you are showcased a graph show how well you did on each exercise and are asked if the routine was too hard, too easy or just right.

From a visual standpoint, ‘Get Fit With Mel B’ is a very appealing game. Developer Lightning Fish utilized their color palette quite well filling the screen with bright colors; which complements the sleek and interactive interface. When you highlight a tile in the main menu, there is a small interactive clip that plays which gives a nice visuals presentation to what the category is all about. While working out, you can change the backdrop to enhance your experience. Feel like working out in Central Park or in front of Infinity Pool, now you can with ‘Get Fit With Mel B’. The in-game soundtrack is very pleasing on the ear; whether you are navigating the menus are working out. If you are not a fan of the in-game music, you have the option to turn it off in the settings menu. Mel B has a soft-spoken, but powerful voice so you don’t feel threatened by the fact you are struggling with the exercises. All in all, Lightning Fish did a great job making the experience pleasing and welcoming to the player.

Most titles similar to ‘Get Fit With Mel B’ don’t give you the complete package. Some forget that exercising is only one half of the puzzle. 200+ exercises can only get you so far and thankfully Deep Silver and Lightning Fish opted to include a Nutrition section to the game that gives you recipes for more than 140 different meals and snacks, which can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. While this section is a welcome addition, I feel it could have been fleshed out a bit more. Maybe an option to text the recipe to your phone or see someone prepare some of the meals on-screen could of made this part more interactive and appealing. You also have the option upon firing up your copy of the game to choose to choose custom workouts if you don’t feel like doing your scheduled routine for that given day. Feel like simply doing Yoga or getting your dance on, you can at any point during your track to meet your goal. If you do so, the game will still keep track of your stats and incorporate them into other states, which will in-turn modify your workout as you get closer to meeting your goal.

While professionals will say that ‘Get Fit With Mel B’ is not a replacement for actually working out in the gym with a trainer; the reality is that it is. If you are dedicated and consistent to meeting your goal, the game will get you there. Though this is the first exercise-based game I have experience, I can say myself that I have lost more than 5lbs. since working with the software so I can say that it does work. For those looking for an alternative to paying $35 a month for a gym membership and not having a personal trainer to help you along the way, ‘Get Fit With Mel B’ is the title for you. This title won’t get you winning the Mr. Olympia competition, however sticking to your guns and this program will get you in the best shape of your life.


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