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Published By: Square Enix
Developed By: Square Enix
Genre: Persistant Online RPG
Players: 1-??
Rated: T for Teen (Alcohol Reference, Animated Blood, Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence)
Release Date: September 22, 2010
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Anthony Cara

October 11, 2010 - Final Fantasy XIV: A Massively Multiplayer Online Abortion. How much disappointment can one person survive? If Kingdom Hearts 3 turns out badly, I may actually die as a result. To my knowledge, such a thing has not yet been tested.

Final Fantasy XIV is the Superman 64 of Online MMORPGs. It does for the genre what the Tea Party wants to do to America Ė it sends it back about 200 years.

Thereís not much to say really, every negative thing I said in my review of the beta still stands true. Nothing has changed. For a better explanation of the way the game works, just read my write up of the beta because what follows are the bitter ramblings of a broken man.

You boot up, pay 3 dollars per character (12.99 is the basic package), ďcustomizeĒ your character from one of the poorest selections for appearance that I have ever seen, watch a few cinematic events, pick up your Levequests, and enjoy (or at least try to).

All right, Iím being a bit too negative here, I admit it. I have actually inserted this paragraph later than the rest of this review so I can inject a bit of positivity into this diatribe. The gameís crafting system is pretty amusing. You play a quick little mini game and poof- you make an item (or fail). In so doing, you gain experience and actually have a feeling of progression and accomplishment. In most games, crafting takes a sideline to slaughter. In this game, you are actually given quests and tangible rewards for your crafting (beyond armor that quickly becomes obsolete). You have to craft (or buy from a crafter) everything you wear. Whether this is good or bad, I canít say Ė but I will say it makes the act that much more significant. Also, you gain vast amounts of experience crafting and your character grows in the process. My time crafting garnered me some nice stat/element points in addition to gear. Being a better Weaver has made me a better Conjurer. Finally, one last moment of clarity before the rant continues- this fatigue system you have no doubt heard so much about, itís really not so bad. Iíve personally never been hampered by it, and it keeps the community leveling together with a few ambitious folks grinding to the top as best they can. I can probably say this because I am a very busy man. This game doesnít exactly reward the casual so much as it punishes the ďhard core.Ē With my seemingly endless work week, fatigue doesnít seem to be an issue. Negativity follows.

Iím simply in shock Ė so much so I canít even write a comprehensive review. This isnít a game at all. Itís like they just sunk millions of dollars into it and gave up. Several hours in and Iím still wearing most of the same gear. Iíve gone nowhere, Iíve done nothing, but boy howdy did I punch a Dodo or two. The Dodo, of course, struck me down in one blow.

If the lack of anything to do werenít cause enough to turn my gorgeous and expensive collectorís edition into a worthless reminder of my own gullibility, the terrible UI drives the final nail in the coffin. I seem to have confused my own metaphor there, but hey, this game makes no sense- why should I?

The UI doesnít want you to do anything. You have a party member you rather fancy? Why donít you right click on him and add him to your party? You see a treasure chest? Go ahead and open it up with a quick click. You killed a guy- grab your loot already! You would like to attack someone? Go ahead and target them efficiently and use your awesome array of spells. You would like to read a chat log and have a simple conversation that isnít thoroughly spammed by about a hundred drones crafting without end?

OhÖthatís rightÖ you canít.


One last thing, I must apologize for my unfair comparison- as bad as it was, Superman 64 hadÖwhatís the wordÖCONTENT.

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