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Published By: Disney Interactive Studios
Developed: Zoe Mode
Genre: Music
Players: 1-4
Rated: E (Everyone)
Release Date: August 3, 2010
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

October 5, 2010 - Long time Disney fans and been clamoring for the perfect Disney experience for a home console. While we have been hit with several Hannah Montana titles, none of them spoke to the enthusiast quite like a Disney Sing It title. And not just any Disney Sing It title, but Disney Sing It: Family Hits. For the first time, the world of Disney animated movies and karaoke have come together to create an immerse experience that anyone who wasn't living under a rock for the last 70 years could enjoy. Whether young or old, experienced or a newcomer, Disney Sing It: Family Hits looks to capture your hearts in a whole new way.

For those new to music-based videogames; especially karaoke, Disney Sing It: Family Hits is all about singing your favorite Disney songs to music and scoring points based on your accuracy. Within Family Hits, you get to sing 30 songs from Disney's expansive catalog of animated movies which spans more than 70 years. The game is currently available for both the Innuendo Wii and the PlayStation 3 consoles. While both are virtually identical in every way, the PS3 version benefits from HD support, PlayStation Eye support and remastered sound. If you decide to buy the bundle, it will include one microphone and the game itself. Those who are fans of SingStar, Rock Band and Guitar Hero will be happy to know that the microphones compatible with those games are also compatible with this game.

There are several modes to choose from with Disney Sing It: Family Hits. You have the option to tackle the songs on your own or belt out the tunes in a group setting. If you opt for the group setting, you can team up to sing duets, computer against one another to see who gets the best score, or take turns singing lines from the songs. The group setting supports up to four players. Whether in a solo effort or in a group setting, there are three distinct difficulty settings to choose from: Easy, Medium and Hard. While easy is designed for those with little to no experience with karaoke-based titles, the medium and hard settings require a higher level of skill in knowing when to hit the right note and how to hold said note. To help you transition to the harder difficulty settings, Disney included a Vocal Coach Challenge mode that teaches you everything you need to know. The challenge is taught by Anika Noni Rose, the voice behind Tiana from The Princess and the Frog.

In a world that thrives on downloadable content, it seems very strange that Disney opted not to include such a feature within Family Hits. Thirty songs is a lot, but considering the massive library from which they can pull songs from, it's sad to see the life expectancy of this title cut short. Another issue that pops up with Family Hits is the fact that majority of the songs that are included within the game don't utilize the accompany scene from its movie. Instead, Disney pots to more of a montage with footage from different points in the movie to be the backdrop of the song. There are exceptions like Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and the Pixar tracks, which some were part of the soundtrack but not in the actual movie.

Disney Sing It: Family Hits has a lasting appeal that far outweighs any other karaoke-based game that has released before it. Disney fans will come back to this title many times over as they look to acquire all the trophies (PS3 only) and simply have fun with friends and family. The fact there isn’t any DLC of any kind for this title does hurts its longevity; however simply because this title augments the Disney experience that has been going strong for more than 70 years, this title will certainly be a fan favorite for years to come. With things like DLC and an online community, Family Hits could have been the “perfect” experience that could be recommended to all, however due to its limitations, this is a game that will be flocked to by Disney fans and children alike.


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