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Published By: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed By: Quantic Dream
Genre: Adventure
Players: 1
Rated: M (Mature)
Release Date: September 22, 2010
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Written By: Marcus Prunty

September 27, 2010 - The rain is so constant; pounding down on your head, how do you handle a game so dark and drab from so much rain. Heavy Rain is more than just a game; it is more like an experience. Heavy Rain was released back on February 23, 2010 by Sony Computer Entertainment and French developed by Quantic Dream for the PlayStation 3. This game isnít a shooter nor about kills; itís not a simple role-playing game or action adventure. This game is very story-driven, and this is what takes it from the level of normal video game to that of an experience. Your choices and decisions that you make as you play with four different characters are what matter in this game, there is no right and wrong you get to decide everything, and as you make decisions the story will change to reflect the decision you make thus changing the experience you will receive. This game has become a critical success for Sony and Quantic Dream because of this unique user experience.

Heavy Rain has a unique control system that is employed in the game as it uses special motions to perform tasks via the DualShock 3/SIXAXIS controller. An example is when you are in control of the detective Scott Shelby and you have to use his inhaler in his jacket pocket in order to calm his asthma attack. Once you acquire the inhaler in our hand, you have to shake it by moving the controller up and down fast. Then another motion to bring it to your lips as you press a button to use the inhaler. This is what Heavy Rain has so much of; special motions to perform actions while you make choices that ripple through the game once you make them. So it was a no brainer when Sonyís PlayStation Move was released back on September 19th that it would be a perfect fit for this game. Special motions meets motion control on September 22nd. If you already own the game there is a special patch/update that will download when you place the game in your PlayStation 3 console provided youíre connected to the internet.

With the ability to use the PlayStation MOVE over the DualShock 3/SIXAXIS controller; the interface creates this physical interaction that the latter controllers did an adequate job at. When it comes to the previous example I used of Scott Shelby using his inhaler in the game the motions with the Motion Controller is crisp and accurate. The incredible accuracy of the MOVE controller as well as the built-in vibration feature mesh well with the game. At the beginning of the game when you play as Scott Shelby and you go to talk to Lauren Winter you have to raise the MOVE controller straight up and knock on the door. As you knock on the door you feel the vibration as if your hand was actually hitting the door.

The MOVE controller; when used with Heavy Rain, becomes an extension of your body and the 1:1 ratio makes for accurate gesturing. Now when you go to play Heavy Rain with the MOVE controller you wonít automatically become great. There will be a lot of frustrating moments when using the controller. Itís a new system and getting the gestures right will take some practice, so when you get into critical moments in the game you donít die by doing the gesture incorrectly. Although your character dying doesnít end the game as the game is built and designed to continue the story no matter if your character dies or not. However if you want to avoid this you will want to practice with the new control scheme. And Sony has helped with this practice as they have released the Heavy Rain demo which you can play prior to starting a new game. The demo is what I used to help me get accustomed to some of the different control motions you will perform in the game.

I didnít go to in-depth with my actual review of the game as my fellow writer Matthew Prunty did a more than adequate job on reviewing Heavy Rain, which you can read on this site as well. My main focus was to discuss how the introduction of the PlayStation MOVE controller has changed the experience you get from this game. Overall, the motions for the game are a bit difficult and will take multiple tries before you get them right. However once you get the hang of the special motions, youíll found that the MOVE controller creates a more unique experience than that of the DualShock 3/SIXAXIS controller. The accuracy of the PlayStation Eye camera does a great job of tracking your motions as you use the MOVE. The built-in vibration feature creates excellent feedback. All and all the stable of games that will use MOVE support is expanding and I believe that Heavy Rain does an excellent job of taking advantage of this.


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