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Developer: Yuke's Media Creations
Publisher: THQ
Genre: Wrestling
Players: 1-4
Rated: Rating Pending
Release Date: August 29th, 2005
Written By: Grim777

Now here is some information on the WWE, from 1971 to 1983, the WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment, which was called WWF, World Wrestling Federation, or if you go even farther then that WCW, World Championship Wrestling, had joined the NWA, the National Wrestling Alliance as a regional promotion and the WWE World title was dropped in status to the WWE title, a regional title. By 1983, Vince McMahon Jr. had taken over control of the promotion and wanted out from the shadow of the NWA, so he changed the name of his title to the "WWE Championship" and established the WWE as an autonomous organization with World title status.

WWE Day of Reckoning 2: The Legends, is the sequal to last years WWE Day of Reckoning, but DoR 2: The Legends is much more improved, Japan's own Yuke's Media Creation clearly has been spending much needed time on this game, and there work has payed off, and the moment DoR 2 look's incredible, they knew what the fans and gamers altogether had wanted, so they improved all the mistakes thay DoR had and fixed practically everything, anything that needed a change was changed and improved, so now this is gonna be a game that may get quite a bit attention from WWE fans!

The Show Stopp'er, The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels!

Now if you have seen some screenshots of this game already, the first thing you have probally noticed is the stunning graphics of WWE Day of Reckoning 2, Yuke's Media Creation had got a new rendering style that greatly improved the graphics of this title, a 25% to around 30% increase of the polygon count gives the graphics of DoR 2 a higher resolution, so this title has slick graphics since cause of the change, improved detail and texture have effected the superstar models and even the crowds!, so what last year's DoR has been completely changed, and change is good. Also in some certain screenshots you may have noticed the beautiful lighting the game has brought upon WWE, giving a much more authentic look and feel when you are playing the game, so there is another plus to this game, and since this game looks so good, it's pretty hard to imagine the Gamecube is holding all this, so graphics are nothing to worry about in this game!

They way things supposed to have been like..

Now for gameplay of Day of Reckoning 2: The Legends, they also have changed this almost completely from last year's DoR, now Yuke are now using an enhanced fighting system for DoR so exclusive skill based submission system will offer 4 unique stratgies for executing a submissive move, and with the new stamina system that has been put in Day of Reckoning 2 will allow players to take full advantage over each superstar's unique energy monitor so once again the new gameplay is a plus for a wrestling game, and also this will add for a more authentic, realistic match.

Also with a new and longer story mode, expect to be playing with this game for a while trying to achieve a goal, and what I find very unique in WWE games is during when you are playing story mode you will be faced with decisions which can alter your story ending so you can either be a fan favorite or the dirtiest player in the game. Exhibition mode also is one of my favorite features, offering players different stipulations in the matches other then a plain singles match, so have fun bashing and beating people in a H;ll in a Cell or TLC match or just having some fun in Slobber Knocker or a Street Fight Match, and whenever there is a good Exhibition that always means good multiplayer, and hopefully they will add a good multiplayer since Gamecube doesn't allow online at the moment, so even though thier probally won't ever be online for the Gamecube, I won't be judging this title to fast.

You won't be seeing Chris Jericho doing moves like that again...

Since with all the modes, you won't be needing a harder challenger from what online has to offer, since Yuke has also added a more intelligent AI superstar opponents, so if you superstar's personna is a bit dim-witted, and one superstar is smart you can tell by their actions in the ring, and with more multiple limb and pain damages feel free to make every part of your opponents body as numb as a rock, also with 3 different levels of blood, once you bust open someone's head, you can bust it open even more so this will be great if you want to really make your opponent suffer! so these features once again add to the realism that Yuke's Media Creation is trying to add to this game!

Now Character Selection is also even more exciting since Day of Reckoning 2 has add a bunch of the new superstars that have made their debut in WWE, so they will be making their debut in WWE games, like for example Euguene, Paul London, and Muhammud Hassan so feel free to have a choice to a wide variety of superstars to take control of in the ring, in and out of the ring! Now if you have went to cause this game is The Legends, they made a somewhat mini biography to some extent of some of the legends that will be in the game so I think that it would be neat it I did something similiar with my favorite legends.

Mick Foley
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 287 lbs
From: Long Island, New York
Other Names: Mankind, Dude Love, Cactus Jack
Career Highlights: WWF World Heavyweight Champion 3x
WWF Hardcore Champion
WWF Tag Team Champion (with the Rock)

Bret Hart
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 235 lbs
From: Calgary, Alberta
Other Names: The Hitman
Career Highlight: Stampede N.A Heavyweight Champion 6x
WWF World Champion 5x
WCW World Champion 4x

So I totally reccomend this game to anyone, a WWE wrestling fan or not a wrestling fan, because this game surely will change people's minds about WWE games or even wrestling games in a whole, so check it out on the end of August, start of September. Coming to a store near you!

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