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Gaming Evolution
Developer: Cing Inc./ Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Point and Click Adventure
Players: 1
Rated: Rating Pending
Release Date: September 26th, 2005
Written By: Grim777

Now many of you maybe wondering why pick up this game, right? even though when the same time Trace Memory is released tons of other very hyped DS titles like Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing DS will be in stores, but this title differs from any other DS game currently out, it will have the players imhersed in a virtual realm, and you will feel the emotions and in this game, your blood will run cold...When you pop this game into your Nintendo DS, you will pick up at the heart of a family tradgey, and you will be put into the shoes of a thirteen year old girl, whose name is Ashley and who's on a adventure to solve the mystery of the death of her beloved mother, Sayoko and the dissapearance of his loved father, Richard. As you can tell, there is certainly alot of misery and sorrow in young Ashley's life. Both of Ashley's parents were researchers at a government and were involved with creating mysterious, secret device which is refered to as the "Another". Even though the game sounds like it will be consisted of aliens and space baddies, don't be fooled since this game won't be a Sci-Fi but will be a Adventure, and will take place at Blood Edward Island where twists and turns will await the player at every corner of the game..

The storyline truly the holds the most quality in the game, it's so rich and full of different problems that our hero, Ashley will have to overcome and solve to get the truth about her parents and hopefully solve the mystery. Cing Inc. put in alot of effort trying to make this game original and unique and anyone will be able to tell that, and the storyline is so authentic it could be easly compared to any movie that is put to the challenge. Even though this game somewhat is just as simple as finding clues, then with the knowledge that the clue brings to you solve the problem, it seems that each incident will seem fresh to the player that experience this game, and since the game will hold a choice put at hand for the player, like I said earlier this game truly will inmherse the player into the game and any choice you pick will make a difference. The storyline holds tons of emotion and this game will be one title that once it hits North America, it will probally be a must have for any DS owner for it will appeal to all gamers, of any age like children to adults !

Now gameplay of Trace Memory: Another Code, has old elements but has been made fresh. As the player moves around the the 3 dimensional map, the Touch Screen will display a stunning, breath-taking, bird's eye view of the action that is currently taking place, while the Top Screen of the DS will be used up for a first-person view of the scenes and conversations at hand, and what makes Trace Memory even more improved is that Trace Memory will be using all of the DS's cababilities, from the Touch Screen to the Built-In Microphone, so none of the DS's features will be lonely so that only makes the quality of the gameplay of Trace Memory even more of a better title!

Now the puzzles in Trace Memory are a combination of inventory and myst-like puzzles, but don't expect them to function in usual ways. Many of the puzzles contained in Trace Memory have their own intuitive little interface that makes them more direct and physical to use. You may have to use the DS's stylus to dust off an old sign, rotate or investigate an object all around, or even slide pieces around in a jigsaw-like puzzle so you will be fully be able to interact with any object put at hand, just like the way you may use a toy in Nintendogs. These may seem like only superficial enhancements, but the smoother handling of the puzzles will certainly make them feel like little toys instead of rigid obstacles. Players will be able to control Ashley by touching the four edges of the touch screen which is optional, or the player can pick to use the directional pad to control Ashley.

Now the graphics of Trace Memory are also very nice part of the game, for this title will use a variety of different art styles and perspectives, but the mix will come hand and hand together as proven in some screenshots and the Official Trailer which can be found at of this title, Trace Memory. The cutscenes in the game are third person, 2-Dimensional, handdrawn art, while when there is not any cutscenes playing, the world will be presented in pre-rendered 3-Dimensional slides from a first person perspective. Another Code makes great use and take advantage of the 2 screens that the DS has to offer, so the top screen of the DS will show 2-D cutscenese, dialog, and a view of the world from the perspective of the protagonist, while the bottom screen (Touch Screen) will be used for presenting a top-down 3-D map with the protagonists at the center. So beautiful graphics will be shown all around while playing the game, so adding to once again even more quality to the game, and for the screenshots and videos, anyone can tell that the developers are doing a suberb job with the mixed art style and perspectives to really imherse the players into the game while giving a satisfying expierence to anyone.

Now that this title has impressed thousands, and thousands of Japanese gamers, it surely will impress all Western gamers, for it has a authentic, rich storyline, beautifully, realistic graphics, and imhersing gameplay and sensible difficulty puzzles, it will leave any pro adventure gamer thinking, and this game has no doubt in my mind it will be a hit in North America, all I can say is this game honestly looks very worthwhile and satisfying and may even want you to hold off any titles that will be coming that time, for it will give a magnificent experience to any gamer!

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