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Gaming Evolution
Published By: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed By: Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: September 19, 2010
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Written By: Marcus Prunty

September 21, 2010 - In 2009, a bunch of geeky guys from Sony came out during E3 in Los Angeles waving these weird looking wands as they fought using swords in game, and using a flashlight and some other demos. Back then, I did not think too much of the whole motion controller from Sony as it looked different and somewhat cool but still developmental. Flash forward a year to 2010ís E3 where we now know that weird looking wand will be called the PlayStation Move and we get to see a lot of upcoming games that take advantage of the PlayStation Move high accuracy and usability. This new technology is no longer just for the few that get to experience E3 in Los Angeles, now it has released globally for everyone to try out.

The PlayStation Move uses the precision of the controller and takes advantage of Sony PlayStation Eye that has been on the market for years to track the movements of the user as they move the wand around. Many people have compared it to the Wii; which they are similar in that they both have wand like controllers, however the comparison ends there as the MOVE expands on the limited technology of the Wii and adds a more sophisticated motion tracking systems. While Nintendoís Wiimote can takes advantage of MotionPlus add-on to mimic a supposed 1:1 ratio gaming experience, it still doesnít compare to the precision of the PlayStation Move. The addition of angular rate sensors, magnetometers, LED marker tracking on top of built-in accelerometers and infrared creates a solid motion controller that increases the accuracy of this controller and provides 1:1 tracking.

With the use of the PlayStation Eye the MOVE controllerís position is determined in a 3-D space with the use of real-time motion data and built in sensors. The lighted ball on the top of the MOVE controller is the key to this tracking and precision of the controller as it is what the Eye picks up and uses to determine where the controller is and how far away it is. There is a ton of data coming in all the times as youíre using the MOVE and it is processed very quickly without any noticeable delay or lag to whatever motion you are performing now. This means that if you are using it as a sword and you swing your arm in a slash-like motion, itís instantly translates onto the screen as a slash move performed. The PlayStation Move operates independently from the Navigation controller or the DualShock3/SIXAXIS controller. While the Wii uses a connection cable to connect the Wiimote to the Nunchuck; with the PlayStation Move and Navi/DS3 controllers, they operate independently without a linking cable and are pared to the console via Bluetooth technology.

Now that all of the technical jargon about precision and accuracy is out of the way let us get to the most important question. How much is the PlayStation MOVE going to set you back? This is a very important question in how widely adopted and accepted this new controller will be. There are many options to get this high tech hardware. You can buy each component of this system individually, which is the MOVE controller and the PlayStation Eye. The Eye will set you back $30 and the MOVE controller will set you back $50 dollars for a total of $80. However this setup doesnít give you a game to try out with this new controller system. You can go this route and download demos off the PlayStation Network, which have MOVE support to try out the controller. However, my suggestion if you want to get in on Sonyís version of motion control gaming is to purchase the PlayStation Move Starter Bundle which will set you back $99. This is the best option because not only do you get the PlayStation Eye and the MOVE controller, but you get a demo disc as well as a full fledged copy of Sports Champions, which cost $39.99 by itself.

The MOVE controller is charged the same way as PlayStation 3ís DualShock3/SIXAXIS controllers via a mini-usb port on the bottom of the controller. Therefore, there is no need to purchase any more cables as you can use the ones that come with your other controllers to charge the MOVE. An arm strap is included and pre-attached to protect the user from throwing the MOVE controller while you are swinging it around. The top of the MOVE controller has a mounted rubber ball with a LED light inside. This light changes colors from red, blue, yellow, pink, green and so on. Depending on if you are player one, two, three or four; a certain color will be automatically assigned the motion controller. You donít have a choice in which color you outside of switching MOVE controllers with someone else while playing a multiplayer game. Maybe and hopefully Sony will address this with some kind of firmware update that will allow the user to select the color they want the ball to be. Until then the ball will change color when you change games/demos and if you add another MOVE controller.

The MOVE controller includes the Square, Triangle, X, and circle buttons and sitting in the middle is the new MOVE button, which will usually be used as an OK/Accept button. In addition, underneath the controller is the new T button, which is a trigger button. There is also another port below the mini-usb that is being called an extension connector but as of right now has no use so we can look forward to something new from Sony in regards to this port. In addition, there is the PS button below the MOVE button, which allows you to bring up the XMB as well as turn the system or controller off. Turning off the system works the same way with the PlayStation Move as it does the DualShock3/SIXAXIS controllers. You are also about to control the XMB interface via the MOVE by holding down the T button and moving MOVE controller either left, right up or down. I have to say, it was nice and much quicker to navigate the XMB bar with the motion controller.
With all this said, how well does the PlayStation MOVE perform? Extremely, extremely well is the short answer to that question.

With all of the precision and real-time tracking by the MOVE and the Eye, where you are pointing on the screen is where you are pointing on the screen. This is way more accurate then the Wii. The only problems/annoyance I see with the MOVE controller is having to calibrate it every time you play a game, getting the camera in the optimal spot, and the lack of a navigation stick included with the MOVE bundle. Now having to calibrate it every time you use it is understandable because depending on the game or your mood you may want to stand and play or sit comfortably in your chair and play. By recalibrating it you are optimizing the experience by increasing the accuracy of how you are playing.

The MOVE bundle comes with a demo disc that will help you setup your MOVE so it will tell you where to place the camera for optimal performance. Nevertheless, I noticed that when I put on top of my TV I had to angle it down a little to get it perfect. In addition, not including a navigation stick is not a deal breaker as you can use a DualSHock3/SIXAXIS controller to steer with when playing games. If you are into casual gaming, you want the MOVE. If you are into hardcore gaming, you will want the MOVE. Because unlike the Wii, the MOVE will be used in a variety of games not just the family friendly ones you can see on Nintendo. Games like Heavy Rain, Socom, Resident Evil 5, as well as Eyepets, Tiger Woods Golf are just a few that represent a variety of games that will take advantage of the technology. There is a learning curve, which is typical of a new control system, but once you get it down you will have a ton of fun. My suggestion is a definite buy as the evolution of gaming and motion control takes gaming to a new level.

Keep a look out for our in-depth review of Sports Champions.


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