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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Published By: Wired Developments
Developed By: Wired Developments
Genre: Puzzle Action
Players: 1
Rated: 4+
Release Date: September 17, 2010
Screenshots: Link
Price: $0.99
Written By: Anthony Cara

September 21, 2010 - You know that classic climactic sci-fi moment when our heroes’ ship has nearly run out of fuel, certain death is hot on their heels, and they seem to have no hope to survive? Well, what seemingly magical solution do they always find? That’s right! They realize that if they use the XL Booster to blah blah blah their trajectory just right they can use a nearby planet’s gravitational pull to somehow slingshot them to safety! This is the same basic premise behind Wired Developments’ delightful new physics puzzler, Rocketeer.

The basic goal in Rocketeer is to get you stalwart pilot from the launch pad to the portal. It gets a bit more complicated when planets of varying size and gravitational strength stand to augment your path. To make things worse, there are also numerous hazards including: locked gates, asteroid fields, planets that grow and shrink, mines, turrets, and goals that try to elude your adorable little hero. Luckily, the game introduces these concepts very gradually and gives players a series of levels based on the newly implemented challenge. The iPhone controls could not be any simpler, you just tap your target down where you want to launch and your rocketeer blasts off! If nothing stands in his path, he will go right where you aimed him, but this is never the case. A planet will cause his path to arc and veer off course. If you miss the goal, you get some re-launches to get it right, and a shadow of your previous crosshair remains so you can make minor tweaks or grand adjustments as necessary.

The graphics are quite lovely without being overly flashy. The levels contain mixed 3D objects with 2D backgrounds. Though I have been unable to verify this personally, I’ve been told there is no downgrade from the iPhone to the iPad visuals. I myself played on the iPhone 3g and the game looked, sounded, and performed perfectly. Actually…the sound effects were pretty irritating, but I enjoy most of my cell phone games in silent anyway (so as not to disturb people around me… or let them know I am playing a game when I should be working).

At a price point of just 99 cents, there’s no good reason to not buy this game! And if you are still on the fence, allow me to tempt you with this tantalizing piece of fact: The game features…a DO NOT PUSH button!


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Gaming Evolution
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