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Gaming Evolution
Published By: Capybara Games
Developed By: Capybara Games
Genre: Puzzle
Players: 1-2
Rated: E (Everyone)
Release Date:
Screenshots: Link
Price: $6.99
Written By: Marcus Prunty

September 20, 2010 - Sometimes when you hear about games, you have expectations going in before you even play the game. Capybara Gamesí puzzle game does not sound so much like a puzzle game but more of a cutesy game that was made for kids. This would be by far the hardest game for kids, as this game gets very challenging as you progress further in the game. This game is in the genre of screen clearer, which means that the object of most of the levels in the game is to clear all the critters off the screen.

You are in control of the main character Biggs who roams the bottom of the screen whipping his shockingly long tongue out and snatching up smaller creatures in his attempt to gain the number of gems he needs to advance to the next level. It is not a simple snatch and grabs game, there are three different critters that Biggs can grab, the smallest one is fed to the big one, and then that big one can be fed to a critter even bigger. If you happen to feed a small one to a big one and a bigger critter is on top of that big one, the bigger one will automatically eat the big one and you will form a food chain. The food chains nets you a bigger gem that helps you get to the amount of gems you need faster. For the most part during the story mode, you will not need to clear the screen completely as you will usually get enough gems to defeat the level before you reach that point. In Story mode the Critters come down towards Biggs as the time elapses, meaning if you donít hurry up and get the amount of gems you need you will be overrun by these critters.

Critter Crunch also includes two other types of levels other than the ones available in story mode. There is also a Puzzle and Challenge mode in the game. In puzzle mode, you will have to clear the screen and at no time will the critters advance downwards towards Biggs like they do in the Story and Challenge modes. In Challenge mode, your given a specific task to complete like clearing the screen in 45 seconds or filling your hunger bar by popping chains that contain only 3 critters (no more, no less). Each Challenge gets harder and harder just like all the Puzzle and Story mode games. They will require a lot of strategy and rearranging the critters so you can reach your goal. Capybara even made the smart move of adding online and local multiplayer in this game. You can play with people around the world or in the same room. You can play with them in a co-op version to see how long you can survive, or you can go head to head and take out the competition while you survive.

This game has a unique cartoon style that makes it seem like a kid game but donít let that fool you into thinking this game will be an easy defeat. The music keeps you engaged and kind of makes you feel like you are running out of time as you try to figure out the best way to clear the level or get the gems you need. At $6.99, I think this game is good enough to spend your money on without feeling cheated out of your money. This game is a port of the same game released on smartphones like the iPhone. I have played the iPhone version and I will admit this game benefits from being on the bigger screen. Most of the time ports are not usually an improvement on what it was originally released on but this time is different. There are hours upon hours of gameplay and thatís before you even toss in the multiplayer, which can be just as challenging. So check this game out I am sure you will not be disappointed.


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