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Gaming Evolution Sits Down With Galaxy4Gamers

August 4, 2010
- With every passing year, the video game industry continues to grows in different facets of its business. Whether it be blockbusters titles that bridges gaps between playing a videogame and watching a cinematic movie, to movies being made based of the source material for which a franchise has been born. A new area to the industry that's on the rise is online videogame contests and tournaments. Thanks to companies like Virgin Gaming and Galaxy4Gamers, regular joes who spend every available hour honing their skills in games like Modern Warfare 2 and Madden NFL 10 can now compete against other people around the world and make a little money in the process.

To get a better idea of this growing avenue of the video game industry, we sat down with Michael Casazza, President of Galaxy4Gamers to talk more about this growing trend and the impact it will have overall on the video game industry.

1) For those who have never heard of Galaxy4Gamers, what is the reasoning behind its creation?

We wanted to create a platform where video gamers could play and test their skills for cash and prizes. Actual LAN tournament events are awesome, but you can’t logistically have one every week or even every day. With streaming game play, live chat, a ranking system, and cheater protection we strive to deliver a LAN tournament experience right to your home, anytime you feel like a challenge.

We are also big fans of people throughout the video game communities, like Justin Wong, Alex Valle, Andrew Noriega, and Robert Paz and wanted to create an arena for gamers to play with today’s top pros.

2) Exactly what platforms are currently supported and actively used with the G4G service?

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are our two priorities at the moment and most used consoles. We are scheduled to release PC play in the 4th Quarter of 2010 and are really amped on supporting titles like Counter Strike, Quake, StarCraft and WoW.

3) What separates your service from that of Virgin Gaming? And why will it have an impact on the overall videogame industry?

While we applaud the light that Virgin will bring to the industry, we believe we offer a better experience catered to the gaming community. To start, we have lower administrative fees. It costs more money out of your pocket to play on Virgin. We also offer a more complete list of competitive gaming titles including fighting games like Super Street Fighter 4 and Tekken and music games like DJ Hero and Guitar Hero all of which are not offered on Virgin Gaming. Another feature that completely separates us is our Beat-A-Pro program which allows you to challenge pro gamers. While that might seem intimidating, we offer 10:1 odds and the whole event is streamed live to offer excitement to players and spectators alike. We have some of today’s top players and the online community interaction in amazing. We are also receiving great support from our attendance at events like PAX, EVO, and Comic-Con where we actively reach out to the community and strive to recreate the experience online.

4) We have seen some of the hottest titles of 2010 already released in the first half of the year. Are there any plans for supporting upcoming titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops, Halo Reach, Madden NFL 11, etc.?

Hell Yeah! We had a chance to play some of them and also Marvel vs Capcom 3 at E3. We are very excited for their official release and we know our members are too. We will be running special tournaments and promotions to celebrate these upcoming launches. So if you are just as excited as we are, make sure to check out our website for more details.

5) Why is your 'Beat-A-Pro' feature so popular among those who participate at G4G?

Where else can you play against a pro and learn directly from them? The streaming game play keeps the action intense. The live chat gets you key strokes away from your favorite pro and likeminded gamers. And above all, it allows you to find out just where your skill level matches up against top pro gamers. Any winner has definite bragging rights. After every Beat-A-Pro session, the live stream is cut and saved per challenge. On top of a sweet $50 prize, each winner gets a memorable YouTube video of their victorious battle.

6) Have you thought about partnering directly with Microsoft or Sony in holding sanction competitions on their behalf at gaming events like E3, Tokyo Game Show, etc?

We have definitely considered the possibility, but sadly due to some current legal restrictions around competitive gaming, there are still several roadblocks to overcome. Believe me; we are completely open to the possibility of working with them. Their support would be instrumental in our goal of strengthening competitive video gaming and making it a nationally recognized sport.

7) Obviously beating a pro will take some skill on ones part. What parameters are put into place to ensure no one is cheating within the matches?

We do several things to track and investigate the gamer tags and in-game stats of every challenge to ensure our Good Game Guarantee (gg-G). Our proprietary process is the backbone of our website and viewed as one of the most important services we offer to our members.

8) Beyond professional gamers, who are other individuals you could possibly encounter in your online battles through Galaxy4Gamers?

Just like the growing world of video gaming, our customer demographic goes across the gambit. From 18 year old women to 40 year old men; we have a slew of customers that range in age, gender. Skill levels also range significantly, so we have created a proprietary skill/game ranking system that gives our customer further confidence on entering a tournament.

Some of our members prefer not to play in tournaments, but to run them. As a member of our Promoter Program, Galaxy4Gamers pays you for every completed tournament. This program provides yet another way for video game enthusiast to make money using our site.

9) Unfortunately we are running out of time, however I thank you for you time in explaining more about Galaxy4Gamers. Is there anything else you would want to add before we wrap this interview?

Well I would love to take this opportunity to tell your readers about our new site re-launch. We have listened to our members’ feedback and incorporated most of their recommendations. First off we got a brand new facelift that compliments all our great features. Among other things, new site will be much easier to use and requires fewer steps to get you to what you really want to be doing… competing and earning money playing video games. To celebrate our re-launch and as a special promotion to your readers, the first person to enter any tournament of 4 or more players, will have their entry fee waved. That’s right, free entry! Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you at “Quite playing with yourself…”

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