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E3 2010: PC Gaming & Console Gaming Now One With iGuGu Gamescore

June 28, 2010
- Have you ever wanted to attach your high end gaming PC to your high definition television via VGA cable and 3.5mm stereo output? Me neither! But with the advent of the new iGuGu Gamecore PC controller, I’m a little bit curious.

The iGuGu offers a full QWERTY keyboard and mouse tracking ball. This is of course, in addition to their 4 programmable buttons and 6 accelerometer based motion controls. Wrap it all up with nice 2.4ghz RF signal (not to be interrupted by ANYTHING) and you have yourself a decent mid-range controller setup.

I had the chance to test out a racing game with the motion controller and the results were less than promising. OK, I admit I probably just wasn’t very good, but the motion controller did not know the meaning of the word “subtlety.” You were either flooring it, or going backwards; you were either making an all out hardcore spin or going perfectly straight. Maybe this wasn’t the best game to test out the revolutionary motion control, but it certainly seemed to be all or nothing.

Aside from that the controller looks to be promising, but currently it has some stiff competition. Personally, I like to hook up my gaming laptop via HDMI and sit back with a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. I think the iGuGu needs to ditch the VGA and move fully into the high definition era. When they do, I may be one of the first in line to pick up their controller. In the meantime, what I saw at the show didn’t look terrible and this particular iGuGu unit may already be just what you are looking for.

With a $99 dollar price point, I leave the decision in your hands!

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