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Gaming Evolution

Published By: O-Games
Developed By: Gusto Games
Genre: Sports
Rated: RP (Rated Pending)
Release Date: Q3 2010
Screenshots: Link
Written by: Christian Higley

June 21, 2010 - The biggest thing that struck me during my hands-on time with John Dalyís ProStroke Golf was how incredible the fidelity of the move controls are. Iíll be honest, Iím no golfer. I suck at the sport and donít know much about it. But regardless, I canít deny the responsiveness of the gameís controls.

I started with a driving challenge, where the folks at O-Games introduced me to the controls. Although, not much tutorial is necessary; if you know how to swing a golf club, you know how to play to the game, even if you do it as poorly as I do.

The Move controller represented my actions perfectly. I was able to tilt the club left or right to angle my shots accordingly and my club on-screen reacted believably to the speed, pitch and power of my swing. At first I was just performing smaller, subtler movements, expecting the game to react more strongly than my actual performance. I soon learned that if I wanted to make that long drive, I needed to lay into like the real deal. Once I started treating it like a real game of golf, the whole game fell into place.

The demo I played was only an alpha build and they promised further tweaks to the controls. Surprising, since it already seems to control so well. I was told that putting needed some work but it felt perfectly natural to me. In fact, I landed my first put perfectly. Of course, since Iím a terrible golfer, maybe putting does need some tweaking.

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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution Gaming Evolution Gaming Evolution
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