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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Namco / Nintendo
Genre: Music
Players: 4
Rated: E (Everyone)
Release Date: September 27, 2004
Written by: Alex Sohani

One day as Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong were strolling along a remote beach, they came across a pair of barrels unlike any they had ever seen.
DK: What weird little barrels. I wonder where they come from.
DK picked up a barrel and began to squeeze it.
DIDDY: H-hold it! Don't break it!
DK: But there might be something inside!.
DIDDY: What if it's one of King K. Rool's traps?
DK: Hey! Are you trying to scare me?
DIDDY: We should talk to Cranky about this.
(DK shows the bongo to Cranky Kong scratching his head.)
So, the two took the barrels to Cranky. When he saw them he began to chuckle.
CRANKY: That there's what they call a bongo.
DK & DIDDY: A bongo?
CRANKY: A kind of drum, that one's somewhat of a legend hereabouts.
DK: Ooh! I'll call it the DK bongo!
(Donkey Kong sits with Diddy Kong playing the bongos.)
DK began pounding on the bongo.
DIDDY: Ha ha ha ha! You're awful Donkey Kong!
DK: Humph, think you can do better, Diddy?
Next, it was Diddy's turn, but...
DK: Hah! You're no funky monkey yourself!
DK laughed and clapped his hands.
(DK and Diddy stand back as the bongo is illuminated. Cranky stands behind)
Suddenly the bongo began to glow.
DIDDY: Woah! DK! It lit up when you clapped!
CRANKY: Yep, that's one of the odd things about this instrument. It glows
and makes sounds when you clap.
DK: Wow, that's cool!
DK and Diddy started to drum and clap.
(Cranky Kong stands over DK and Diddy playing the bongos.)
With the two of them, the racket was worse than ever.
DK: Oh... We really stink.
CRANKY: No one's a pro at first boys, but if you practice, you'll get
DK: Practice?
DIDDY: I hate to practice...
Then Donkey Kong had an idea.
DK: Hey Cranky! if we get good at this, can we become famous?
CRANKY: Hmm... I guess that's possible.
(DK, Diddy, and Cranky look up to the sky with their hands drawn out.)
DIDDY: So we'll be like musicians with mountains of money!
DK: We'll be able to buy anything we want...
DK & DIDDY: ...all the bananas we can eat!
Cranky watched DK and Diddy dream of banana heaven and sighed.
CRANKY: You've got to practice first, fellas...

The Donkey Konga Title Screen.

The plot for Donkey Konga really isn’t that appealing. It most likely was just made as an introduction into the game, just so the game sort of seems to have a point to it. You really don’t need to know the plot to play the game, and you can still have fun without knowing the plot. Although it is a little bit of fun to watch the plot in the beginning cutscene, it is pretty pointless.

This is probably the strongest point in the game along with the Sound and Audio portion. As many people describe Donkey Konga, the gameplay is great, and it makes for the ultimate party game. This is true, because of its various multiplayer modes. Also, even if someone comes to a party, and has never played Donkey Konga before, he/she will be able to learn the controls very fast, because they are so simple.

Here are the controls:
When you see this, use the left bongo

When you see this use the right bongo

When you see this, use both bongos at the same time

When you see this, clap your hands together

When you see this, do a roll (hit the drum with whatever symbol it shows you as many times as possible in the time frame)

These controls are very simple, but your hands will definitely get jumbled up and you will get confused at some point with all of the action going on! Now the learning curve for the game varies between certain people. If you are a musician for instance, it will take you 5-15 minutes to get a good idea of the rhythm and the controls of the game. Now if you have no sense of rhythm, and know nothing about music, then it may take you 30-90 minutes to get a good feel for the game in most cases. Now if you have a pretty well adapted sense of rhythm, then it may take 30 minutes.

While you are playing notes on the game, you can get one of the following ratings for that note you hit:

Great: You hit the note right on time
Good: You hit the note almost at the right time
Bad: You were off with your timing
Miss: You either played the wrong thing, or completely missed the note.

When you get greats and goods on notes, a combo number starts to go up. This shows how many greats and goods you can get in a sequence, without getting any bads or misses. If you get a bad or a miss, the number goes back to zero, and starts back up again. The combo meter is lots of fun to do, because you always want to get it higher and higher, so try to minimize your bads and misses!

As for modes in the game, there are plenty of them!

Here are all of the different modes:

Street Performance:
Basically in this mode, you play to earn coins. You can use these coins to buy things from DK town. You can buy mini-games, harder music, and cool new bongo sounds. There are 3 levels of difficulty you can play on in Donkey Konga. They are Monkey (easy), Chimp (medium), and gorilla mode (hardest). You can play these, and every song within every section has a different difficulty. You can play these songs to earn coins, or you can play Jam mode of the songs where you have to memorize all of the notes, and play them just through memory (although it still shows you where the notes need to be).

DK Town:
In this mode, you can use your coins to buy mini-games, new bongo sounds, and Gorilla level songs with coins you earned in Street Performance. Also, options can be changed here, and you can view your high scores. You can use the minigames you buy in Ape Arcade mode, and the bongo sounds and hard music in many of the other modes.

This is a 2-player mode where you and a friend can face off against eachother. Various actions can be done, such as hitting a POW block with a note, and reducing your friend’s points, or hitting certain notes that stop parts of a slots game. If you match up 3 of the same face, you can earn points! This is a great mode to see who the better drummer is for the game.

These guys decide to jam to a hard song, while working together to make a cool beat!

In challenge mode, you can play by yourself, or with one other person. What you want to do in this mode is clear as many songs as you can without losing a bar you have on top that goes down every time you mess up. The bar replenishes a little after every song, but it isn’t too much, so look out!

Ape Arcade:
In this mode, you can play all of the mini-games you have bought from DK town. You can compete with yourself, and try to get the highest score in certain games!

Jam session:
In Jam Session, this is the party mode! Up to 4 players can play, and basically, you guys work together to make a song! A song plays, and everyone gets different notes on different bars. All you have to do is pick a song to play, and all 4 players can groove!

For the songs in the game, you have to clear a song to get a silver metal on it. If you fill up the meter entirely (by playing good notes), you will receive a gold metal on the song, and you can collect all of the coins you earned while playing it (when you get either gold or silver). If you don’t clear the song, you don’t get any coins at all, and the game is almost like you never played the song in the first place. You just have to keep trying to get a passing grade!

Also, another factor about gameplay that presents a problem is the microphone on the bongos. The microphone is very sensitive, and is easily activated, so if you are talking with a friend, or loud noises are going on around you, then the game will think you are clapping, and you may lose some points. Make sure that you aren’t playing in too loud of an environment while you are playing Donkey Konga, or otherwise you may not pass a few songs!

Overall, the gameplay for Donkey Konga is excellent. Donkey Konga is simple to learn, with many modes for you to choose from, which can appeal to any gamer! So ask yourself “Is the rhythm in me?” next time you play, and see how well you can do with this gameplay!

Donkey Konga has cel-shaded graphics in the drumming modes. You can see Donkey Kong and Diddy on the screen along with some other funky animals like an elephant and banana shaped birds. The game has Donkey Kong doing some excellent animations DK is doing exactly what you do while you play. When you clap, DK claps, when you hit the right bongo, he hits the right bongo, etc. Also, music notes go flying across the screen when you play the notes right, and rests go across when you don’t play music right, which also looks very good.

As for the backgrounds in the game, they look awesome! They range from things like a cave, to a beachside! They are all randomized for every song, but they look good no matter what you are playing. Also, some fun stuff goes on in the background when you play certain notes, like flowers fly by, or balloons go up the screen.

Want some multiplayer fun, well Donkey Konga is definately a game for that!

Overall, the graphics may not be the greatest Graphics around, but just like the plot, you don’t have to have good graphics to have an enjoyable experience in the game(although the graphics are still done pretty well).

Now this is one of the sections which really excels in Donkey Konga. The music is easy to groove to, and it includes songs that lots of people know. Some range from popular rock songs, to family songs that everyone can sing along to!

Songs include:
All the Small Things
Busy Child
Campfire Medley
Dancing in the Street
Diddy's Dities
DK Rap
Donkey Konga Theme Song
Hungarian Dance #5 in G Minor
I Think I love You
Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
Like Wow
Louie, Louie
On the Road Again
Oye Como Va
Para los Romberos
Pokemon Theme Song
Right Here Right Now
Rock Lobster
Rock this Town
Shining Star
Sing Sing Sing (With a Swing)
Stupid Cupid
Super Mario Bros. Theme Song
The Impression That I Get
The Legend of Zelda Theme
The Loco-Motion
Turkish March
We Will Rock You
What I Like About You
Whip It!
Wild Thing
You Can't Hurry Love

Although these aren’t the actual songs, they are very good for not being authentic songs. These songs are all appealing to a family, or even just plain old music lovers who don’t care what they listen to. Basically, It has songs everyone can enjoy, they even do things like remix bingo so older kids will groove to it!

Pick a song to play! There are over 30 to choose from!

Also, the bongo sounds are great! They can range from car sounds to lasers, to even Kirby sound effects! They add more fun to every song, and it is always great to hear how different bongo sounds go with different songs. This also makes the sound much better, unless of course you decide to put the wrong sounds with the wrong music like combining Kirby sounds with Oye Como Va or something.

*Personal Opinion*
I personally knew every song in the game… as well as my own mom! When I first bought the game, I saw the song list and snickered because I could sing along with every song and have an enjoyable time! The songs are enjoyable to play with, and it is even more fun to be playing with my mom, and we are both singing to the song (although it sometimes activates the microphone on the bongo T_____T). We can sit there and play for hours, and still have a great time singing along and doing a duet!

Replay Value:
In Donkey Konga, there really is no “ending” to the game, so replay value doesn’t really apply. Although there is no real ending, gamers can just keep playing songs over and over though. This is tons of fun to do, because the songs can be very challenging, and you can push yourself to get a higher score. You can play every mode 24/7 for a week straight, and still have fun with the game! Once you pick up Donkey Konga, you won’t be able to stop jamming to the game!

Overall, the replay value is great, because songs can be played hundreds of times, and you can still want to play more. Donkey Konga is definitely an excellent choice for a game if you want a game that won’t get boring fast.

Are you up to the drumming challenge?

*Personal Opinion*
Personally, I think Donkey Konga can NEVER get boring! I have millions of coins in the game, and I still have an enjoyable time. All in all, I say that after about 50+ hours in this game, and after playing each song hundreds of times, I still have an awesome time grooving to the beat as if I just bought Donkey Konga!

Overall Score:
Now it is time for the final judgement! Donkey Konga is definitely an excellent choice for a game, and definitely a great start to music games on the GCN! It is another “must get” in my opinion, and it is very hard to put it down once you start playing. Although it has its weak points, Donkey Konga also has its strong points as shown below:

-Great Music anyone can enjoy
-Easy to learn controls
-Great multiplayer fun (ultimate party game!)
-Awesome Bongo controllers
-Minigames are easy to learn, and fun to play
-Many different modes to choose from

-Microphone easily activated
-Animations for things(like Diddy for instance), could be improved.
-Pointless plot for the game
-Game can get so hard that it is frustrating! (Jk!!)


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