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E3 2010: Bigpoint Takes The Action To Space With New MMO

June 17, 2010
- My final scheduled meeting for the first day was with For those who are unfamiliar with the company, they are a fast growing company based in Hamburg Germany (with a newer office in San Francisco) and they specialize mostly in browser based free to play online MMORPGs. While many might wonder how a company can grow so fast and profit so well by giving away free games, the numbers certainly don’t lie. According to Bigpoint, there are millions of active subscribers and the numbers just keep growing?

Their secret to success is their free to play but pay to indulge system. So sure, they miss out on selling a million copies at 50-60 bucks a pop, but suppose just 5 percent of their over 100 million subscribers decide they are willing to shell out 99 cents so their avatar can have a fancy hat. Their plan is shrewd indeed!

So what did they bring to E3 besides bragging rights for their company? Only an MMORPG based on an IP sure to get any hardcore sci-fi (or syfy as some would have you believe it) nerds tongues-a-waggin’ – Battlestar Galactica Online! While the game is still in development and coming soon, I was able to take a peek at the basic mechanics and learn about the overall style of game play. What I saw, sadly, was nothing more than an authentic Battlestar Galactica ship leisurely cruising through space and the violently being fragged out of existence. When the game is released, however, it will offer much, much more.

Battlestar Galactica Online promises epic guild/clan based battles, a type of leveling system revolving around your personal status and up to 3 different ships, and an intricately drawn world based VERY strictly off of the Battlestar Galactica mythos (specifically season 2 I was informed). The game is also 100 percent browser based and uses a program similar to flash but capable of some relatively advanced 3D graphics. In other words, the game is free to play, no colossal downloads, AND based on one of the most popular and critically acclaimed science fiction IPs in recent history. I say give it a try – after all, you’ve nothing to lose! (except maybe 99 cents if you REALLY need that fancy hat…)

Written By: Anthony Cara

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