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Gaming Evolution
Published By: Codemasters
Developed By: Codemasters Studios Birmingham
Genre: Racing
Players: 1-16
Rated: E (Everyone)
Release Date: TBA 2010
Screenshots: Link
Written By: Marcus Prunty

June 17, 2010 - While at E3 2010 we got a chance to see a preview of a racing game that will be released this Fall 2010 across multiple platforms. Codemasters; who developed this game, showed us the Xbox 360 build of the game. Paul Jeal and Stephen Hood went in-depth with us on all the hard work they put into their take on F1 racing genre.

The people over at Codemasters developed an Active Weather System which is a lot more than just clouds and rain in the background. The weather effects the tracks greatly, making steering and handling more difficult as well as braking. However, they did note that with continual racing on the wet track by the cars, the track will start to dry up showing the impact hot rubber as asphalt has.

They also included a Dynamic AI which ups the difficulty. In previous games the computer controlled drivers would let you drive right past them without putting up much of a fight. In F1 2010, the AI acts like real drivers in that they will swerve to attempt to block you from passing them. And the AI acts this way whether you play online or offline. The AI also will utilize drag and slipstreams in an attempt to pass you or slow you down.

Codemasters takes the F1 world and goes beyond the track. Itís not about just the cars and you winning races. They bring the glitz and glamor of the F1 world to the people who donít know that much about the sport. These drivers become very rich really fast simply because thereís multi-million dollar contracts on the line. Just like in real life, the better you play and the more you win, you grow in popularity within the sport and become more of a star. When you start off within the career mode, you are a unknown driver with very few media personnel taking interest in you. However, as you progress through the career mode via winning races, your popularity level grows and soon your trailer is swarmed with media outside of it.

The menu system for the game resembles Dirt series, and there are 19 tracks from around the world. There will be 24 total cars racing on each race, though at the moment the game is in beta and there are only 22 licensed cars available. The tracks are exact replicas of their real life counterparts from around the world. When recreating the tracks for F1 2010, the development team took several cameras to each track, taking hundreds of pictures in order to recreate each and every square inch of the tracks.

You can expect the typical racing modes you have come to expect from racing titles, which includes a times trials mode, exhibition/quick race and a career mode. In exhibition mode you can play with the actual F1 racers that are currently race in F1, from Jenson Button to the legendary Michael Schumacher. While in career mode you must create your own driver and start from scratch with everything and build yourself into a Formula 1 driver/star. There is no commentary within the game beyond your crew chief giving you instructions and advice while racing. Codemasters are attempting to fully immerse the player within the actual F1 world versus creating a arcade-style racing experience.

Cars can be damage during races however you wonít see the cars fly up into the air, explode, or catch fire and drivers be seriously harmed. This was a conscious effort by Codemasters as well as an agreement with Formula 1 itself, which didnít want to see their drivers and sport portrayed in that kind of light as Nascar. You will be able to use the flashbacks mechanic to replay moments of despair, as well as a part of the screen will be dedicated to showing you where your car is damaged. There are various assists that can be left on to aid you in handling the races and driving the courses better. For true F1 feel turning them off greatly increases the difficulty of the gameplay.

While this was just an early beta version of the game that we were allowed to see as well as play, personally I must say it was an enjoyable experience and we look forward to seeing the final product. The version we played lacked the commentary and the pitting and most of the tracks. But these final pieces should be put in place in the next few months to make the fall 2010 release. We thank Codemasters for their time and showing up their latest game.

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