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E3 2010: Spending Time With Capcom (Impression)
Life without Resident Evil

June 16, 2010 - Capcom’s booth didn’t offer very much in the way of E3 exclusive news, but the hands on opportunity was a delight. All their hot new IPs and their dirty little secrets are all over the internet for all to see- the new features, the new characters, etc. There was one delightful little gem that I was not expecting to find and will gladly share with you all – but first, the obligatory A titles!

Dead Rising 2: Complete with a sassy little viral marketing campaign advocating a zombie’s rights movement, Capcom spared no expense with scantily clad hot zombie cage girl action and the chance to get your photo taken in the game’s iconic yellow jacket and you splatter a zombie of your own.

The game is basically more of the same with a couple of exciting new things to look forward to. I personally enjoyed a nice change of costume as I splattered zombies with a purse whilst wearing nothing more than daisy dukes and a teeny little tank top. Perhaps the greatest new feature to look forward to (besides the online co-op which was not playable at my demo station) is the weapons combination system. I personally only got the chance to throw together a nail bat, but even that offered some catharsis as it smacked into a zombie’s skull with a sickening thud as it stuck fast and had to be pulled out violently! My weapons combining experience was actually pretty boring in comparison to the forbidden delights the combo cards promised- a paddle with 2 chainsaws on the end, a drill bucket, and a bizarre electrified rake- sounds promising!

Marvel VS Capcom 3: Again- not much I can say here that you don’t already know. I made sure to check out all the characters personally and fans of the original will be pleased to see Captain America, Morrigan, and Ryu all handle with remarkably familiar controls. Maybe it was just me, but the Hulk seemed to operate quite differently. Naturally as this IP is being rebuilt from scratch, all balancing has been completely redone. Chris from Resident Evil plays a little like Cable, Deadpool is wild and unpredictable, and Dante was a blast to use with his mixture of gun, blade, and electric guitar.

We’ve all seen the videos, but I don’t think they quite to the justice of showing just how pretty this 3D cell shaded fighter really is.

Sengoku Basara: There’s no way around it. This game is Dynasty Warriors- plane and simple. Because the game is available on all three platforms, it is only as strong as its weakest link- in this case, the Wii. As a fan of the Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warrior/N3 games, I actually did enjoy what I was playing, but the game is certainly nothing new or interesting. On my way out of the booth, I saw the PS3 version of the game and the graphics were a bit prettier than the Wii’s but unfortunately still had that distinctly last generation look and feel to it.

Finally, I saved my little surprise for last, the upcoming puzzle mystery solver Ghost Trick was probably the most interesting thing I wasn’t expecting to see. I enjoyed a brief interview with the game’s producer and had to thank the gaming gods that I had studied Japanese for 3 years in college. Despite his translator mysteriously vanishing to take care of an errand, I was still able to have a few words of broken Japanese with him.

He explained that ghost trick was a mystery game with a unique kind of feeling. When I asked him what his personal favorite classic game was, his response surprised me. He said it was an old game called “Outer World” which he explained was sort of an action/adventure game and he wanted to put that kind of intensity into this mystery puzzle solver. At this point, he was abducted by his translator and forced into a long series of other interviews so I didn’t get any more time with him. There was nothing left to do but test it for myself.

Ghost Trick gives players a chance to take the roll of a mysterious spiritual detective/problem solver who arrives at the scene of the crime at the wrong time but with the powers to make it right. I purposely played the more advanced level to get a feel for what the game would offer beyond its tutorial. Our spirit floats in to see a poor dead doggie, a young girl tied up, and a hit man casually sitting on the couch wielding a sniper rifle. At this point you are given the option to posses various object and make them perform tricks.

I instantly went for the dead dog, but my spirit ran into that of the deceased canine. Using my magical time travel powers, I was able to travel back in time 4 minutes and see how things went down and what led the doggy to his current pitiful state. After viewing the scene, I had to think about what could have happened differently to foil the hit man and maybe even save the dog (I never got the chance to see the whole thing played out). What I was able to do was actually posses an umbrella, and knock the girls headphones into the fish tank – this way, when the killer sneaked in through the door, she would hear him! If I get some more time with the title, I’ll see if I can’t figure out the rest of this level and bring justice to that beastly dog killer, but for now, all I see in that game is potential for fun and hopefully multiple ways to solve puzzles and enjoy different scenarios adding to the replay value!

Written by: Anthony Cara

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