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Published by: Atlus Software
Developed by: Atlus Software
Genre: Simulation
Release Date: November 2005
Written by: Alex Sohani

In Trauma Center, players will take control of the rookie doctor Derek Stiles. He has just recently completed residency and is now going to take over all of the basic procedures in Hope Hospital. You guide is a quirk nurse by the name of Mary. She enjoys Teasing Doctor Stiles, but is also around to guide him through certain operations. The game involves many different surgical procedures using the stylus, making the game very complicated at times. In the first few levels, Mary will guide you through the game procedure by procedure making sure you don't miss a step. After a while though, A new nurse will come in, and she doesn't have quite as much experience.

On the top screen of the game, the story and basic information are shown, while on the bottom all of the action from the various surgeries take place. The bottom screens touch screen feature is used very frequently to pick from various surgery tools, and do things like make cuts in the skin, remove tumors, and even remove glass from patients. In order to do this, players have to pick certain tools from a menu on the touch screen, and move it over the patient to do different actions.

The tools in the game all work like how they would in a real surgery room. (although it isn't quite as hard) For instance, to stitch up someone, players have to zigzag from side to side on the would, and make sure the stitches aren't too tight or too lose. If the patient's vital drops, players have to use the syringe tool, put it over the wound, and give their patient some drugs to bring it back up. Also procedures like making incisions are shown by a line. After an incision is made, players will get a rating of Good OK or Bad if you missed completely. If you get anything but bad, players will be able to move on. At the end of each level, players will get an overall score on how the procedure went.

The game gets more and more complicated as the levels go by with different infections and incisions to make. Players will have to be able to think quick to fix these problems fast before their patient doesn't have any time left. Every move made can affect the patient in different ways, and a lot of logic is needed in terms ot disinfecting the patients and making right incisions, and players have to be very precise.

Overall, Trauma Center: Under the Knife looks like a great DS game. Players will actually have the fate of people in their hands with this game, and there are many unqieu features in this game that haven't been seen before. It is definately a title to look into later this year!

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