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Published By: Relentless Software
Developed by: Relentless Software
Genre: Adventure
Players: 1-4
Rated: E10 (Everyone 10 and Up)
Release Date: April 29, 2010
Screenshots: Link
Price: $7.50 (Per Episode), $14.99 (Episodes 1-3)
Written By: Marcus Prunty

June 6, 2010 - What do Murder, Mystery, and Yellow Ducks have in common? The quaint English town of Little Riddle is what ties the 3 together. Relentless Software brings to us this casual puzzle solving game that blends murder, mystery and intrigue with the occasional yellow ducks to the PlayStation 3. I will be providing your review for the last 3 episodes in this saga if you would like to go in depth with the first 3 episodes you should read Anthony Cara review of the first three episodes.

In this game you choose to be one of the Blue Toad Detectives as you solve puzzles, interrogate suspects and pay close attention to all clues that you are given and are unearthed during the course of your investigation. In the final 3 chapters your choices of characters to play with remain the same as you can choose Hanna Dakota the young female sleuth, Vanderbosh a bull of a man, Maple a sweet old granny type, and Dick Dickens the young kid of the group. In the fourth episode of the game titled Death from Above another murder has been committed just after you observed a funeral for another victim of the happenings in Little Riddle. While episode 5; The Riddles of the Past, has you looking for a secret location and at the behest of the Hotel owner, finding who tracked mud onto his carpets considering he believes you to be the culprit. In the final episode of the game Flight of the Felonious Fugitive… just try saying that three times fast you, finally find out who the perpetrator of all the events of Little Riddle are as you try to locate his hiding place and stop them from escaping thus closing another case for the Blue Toad Detective agency.

The gameplay is a lot of the player going to a specific location and interviewing the characters of Little Riddle as they provide the information they know. Relentless Software accomplishes this through the use of cutscenes where you’re not really interacting with the character but more or less watching them as they speak to you. And in between all these cutscenes chats they threw in challenging puzzles that get progressively harder as you advance in each episode. So paying attention to those cutscenes can come in handy when it comes to solving most of the puzzles. All of the puzzles are timed in that the fastest time you get the puzzle completed correctly you get gold and the slower your time you get silver or a bronze. During each episode there’s a Case Review puzzle that checks in on you to make sure you have been paying attention to the information the characters have been giving you in your investigation. There’s always a math puzzle where you have to do some kind of minor math like addition or subtraction, as well as a logic puzzle where you have to think how to rearrange something so it follows the rules that are given to you. This is where having some friends playing with you will come in handy.

Multiplayer returns in each of the remaining episodes, so the whole party effect that Anthony described in his review can continue. As many as 4 players can be played at once, with each player getting control for a puzzle and a cutscenes during their turn. The game cycles allowing each party member playing an equal number of the puzzles to do. By having friends play with you one of them might see the puzzle from a different point of view than you do and help you solve it. But if you want to attempt to tackle the game solo you can still do that and solve all the puzzles yourself.

Memorable characters from past episodes of Blue Toad Murder Files make their return in the final three episodes including the hotel owner, the butcher and MS Snobbish, which are all 3 of my favorites. And I didn’t know this before doing some research for this review but all of the characters of the game all the episodes included were voice by one person. That’s a very talented individual I especially loved the way he yelled “SCUM!” as the butcher made me laugh every time I heard him say it, I even replayed parts just to see the butcher. The voice acting for this game is top notch as each of the characters gives you a unique experience when you go to interview them. The hotel owner for instance is always panicky and something is wrong. While the butcher always seems to be upset and calling someone “SCUM!” It makes you laugh when you listen to them talk about their problems and issues. Relentless Software did a good job of making this game fun and carefree and not serious.

They also accomplished this carefree tone by making the game very cartoony and not making the characters look like real people too much. The visuals and graphics of the game provide this cartoony feel. Unlike most games for the PlayStation 3 that try to incorporate top notch high definition visuals, this game goes the other way and doesn’t focus too much on minuscule details in order to shock and awe you. This is the kind of game that could have been released in any generation and still be well enjoyed. Light-hearted fun and carefree is the feel you get from this game even though it’s full of murder mystery and intrigue. And the inclusion of an old fashioned mystery move score completes the game perfectly.

While the Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle isn’t a serious game, it is quite an enjoyable one. Some people might think the puzzles get a bit repetitive and reminiscent of the first 3 chapters and they are somewhat wrong. They are similar in that they follow the same line of thoughts, however the puzzles themselves are different and the situation that arises before and after the puzzles are different. Whether you play alone or with friends you will enjoy your time in Little Riddle, from all the memorable characters like the hotel owner and the butcher, to the plot of the story. This is a carefree story that will challenge your senses and make you sit up and pay attention in order to find out whodunit. I suggest you give this game a try, if you buy it in the bundle it’s a lot cheaper on PSN then one episode at a time. I also suggest before playing episodes four, five and six that you play the first three chapters first in order to get the whole story and understand it.


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