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Gaming Evolution Sits Down With Rockin’ Android

May 27, 2010 - Back on May 19th, Marcus Prunty sat down with Erique Galvez, CEO of Rockin’ Android and Jody Mahler, Game Co-Producer to find out a little bit more about the company Rockin’ Android and why they decided to go into business with Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) to release titles via the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3 console. For those unfamiliar with Rockin’ Android, they were established back in 2008 as a privately-owned entertainment group and publisher who after licensing untapped and overlooked independently produced videogames in order to bring them to the PC gaming market. With several titles released under their belt, Rockin’ Android were looking into backing the video game console market by partnering up with an established entity in order to bring these indie titles to an audience who might have never played a “bullet hell shooter” game before.

1) A partnership between Rockin' Android and Sony Online Entertainment seems like a partnership made in heaven. Why did the company decided to go with a Sony company as oppose to Microsoft or Nintendo?

A: The original plan was to target Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. Early talks took place with Electronic Arts to partner up and release their [Rockin’ Android] games via Xbox Live. When it came to our talks with Sony Online Entertainment, the company pushed harder to add indie games to their lineup, which resulted in our partnership with Sony Online Entertainment.

2) Not too many developers look to include Remote Play as a viable option to extend the playing experience of their titles. Why did Rockin' Android decide to include such a feature that's rarely supported?

A: The whole premise behind supporting the Remote Play feature of the PlayStation 3 was to give PS3 and PSP owners a “sneak peek of future games for PSP (possibly)” and to extend the gaming experience for the consumer. Going beyond just Remote Play, we decided to include YouTube support, allowing players to record their gameplay (PS3 only) and upload the video clips to YouTube.

3) It's clear that the three titles within the Gundemonium Collection could be released as three separate titles via the PlayStation Network... so was the decision to keep the collection together in order to make an enticing offer to PS3 owners, or simply to preserve the package which is being released on PC as well.

A: Similar to titles already available on the PlayStation Network, The Gundemonium Collection --Gundemonium Recollection, GundeadliGne, and Hitogata Happa-- can be purchased as a bundle, or consumers can purchase the titles individually. It was SOE’s idea to give consumers the choice between purchasing all three games together or buying them individually.

4) Gundemonium is the first release in what looks to be a beautiful relationship between Sony Online Entertainment and Rockin' Android. Are there any talks of releasing other titles via the PlayStation Network? And if so, when could we expect these titles to release?

A: Definitely. A deal has been worked out with Sony for future titles beyond the Gundemonium Collection, though as of right now we can’t speak on what those projects are.

5) Is the partnership between SOE and Rockin' Android limited to titles within the 'Bullet Hell' genre? Or can we expect RPGs, action-adventure titles, etc.?

A: Consumers can expect more Bullet Hell, action RPG and puzzle titles in the future to be exclusive to the PS3 console, before being brought over to the PC platform. There are a couple PC exclusives that will be moved over to the PlayStation Network after a while.

6) Will the graphics in the game be improved for the PS3 or will they be comparable to your PC version of the game?

A: The PS3 version of the game [Gundemonium Collection] has been tweaked and customized to fit your particular monitor. You will be able to adjust game’s visuals within the options menu to work with your TV to get optimal graphics out of your monitor.

7) Was there any thoughts or discussions about utilizing the PlayStation Move controllers within these games?

A: Utilizing Sony’s PlayStation move motion controllers is a possibility with future titles; however as of right now none of the titles being release will be compatible with the motion controller… Surprises for the future.


We would like to thank Erique Galvez and Jody Mahler for taking time out of their busy schedule to sit down with us and discuss Rockin' Android's vision through their partnership with Sony Online Entertainment and what we can expect from them in the near future.

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