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Published By: Capcom
Developed By: Capcom
Genre: Action
Players: 1-4 (1-16 Online)
Rated: T (Teen)
Release Date: May 11, 2010
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

May 17, 2010 - In terms of popularity, Lost Planet was a success story for Capcom when they first released the title as a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360 console; eventually coming to the PS3 console at a later date. Because of the attention the first game received, Capcom decided to plunge back down the rabbit hole one more time with Lost Planet 2, which take place roughly 10 years after the events of the first title. While within the first installment multiplayer was an afterthought, Lost Planet 2 is built from the ground up with the intentions of this title being played with multiple people, whether via 4-player local co-op or online, or within 16-player heated multiplayer battles. Another differing factor is that youíre no longer following the exploits of one individual as in Lost Planet, but several different teams and they traverse different terrains on E.D.N. III. While all of this differing content is encouraging for more to pick up this title, the real question on everyoneís mind is whether this title ventures down the same path of misfortune that plagued the first installment, or is this Capcomís redeeming venture into the world of E.D.N. III.

When you first fire up Lost Planet 2, you will have to sit through a 4.61GB mandatory game install, which will hold you love for killing Akrid for roughly 10 minutes. Once the install is finished, you are greeted with a confusing interface for which you would select your different gameplay modes and/or modify the gameís settings and controls. Once you figure everything out, which doesnít take long, you head over to the Campaign tab to hop into some single player/co-op action. This is where you can play through the gameís story by yourself with three A.I. controlled teammates, or play with some friends or strangers via four-player split-screen or 4-player co-op via the PlayStation Network. Once you have decided how you want to play through the campaign, itís time to do what snow pirates do best and thatís kill. Early on in the game, you will be traversing snow-covered terrain similar to the first Lost Planet; however the local soon switches to lush green jungles and open desert terrains.

Besides the backdrops changing, you will also notice that you donít have the problem of running out of T-ENG (Thermal ENerGy), which is something that plagued the first game. Because you are no longer battling in below zero weather, the T-ENG is more efficient and last longer, which is definitely helpful if you plan on venturing through the campaign without human-controlled companions. Liked mentioned before, you are no longer controlling one person. Within Lost Planet 2, you will take control of several different factions --Yuriís Snow Pirates, NEVEC (Neo-Venus Construction), etc. -- throughout the course of the campaign as you are all out to stop the powerful Akrid which have expanded their armies through the planet of E.D.N. III. There is also the breakdown of the campaign into chapters, something that Capcom used within their Resident Evil series. Whether going at it alone or with friends, each area is broken down into chapters and those chapters are broken down into short areas/checkpoints making it a lot easier for players to join up on the action if they need to leave, the ability to drop out of the battle without having to play through the entire chapter. Upon reaching the end of the chapter, you will have to fight a huge boss, which will put you through the ringer before actually defeating it.

While there are a lot of new things to be had within Lost Planet 2, several elements from the first title are still present for you to take advantage of. Besides the epic boss battles, which are staple in action titles today, you will able to utilize and battle enemies using VS suites, battle waves upon waves of a variety of enemies from human to Akrid, and activating data post in order to give you a better view of the danger all around you. It is clear that Capcom wanted to keep players immersed within the world created by the first Lost Planet, while also diversifying the action and keeping the players on their toes from the beginning of the mission to its conclusion.

Lost Planet 2 is all about teamwork, which can be pretty hard when you are playing with computer-controlled comrades. Even putting the difficulty level on easy, wonít save you from difficult battles that are littered throughout the campaign. Utilizing the right weapons at the right time is key to defeating enemies quickly and with a lot less collateral damage. If you are lucky enough to have friends who want to play with you, you can always have the tactical advantage within every battle you face. Someone could be piloted a VS suit, while you have someone laying down cover fire and another picking off players from a high location. You can also try your hand at the run-and-gun method, however you will end up making the battle a bit more difficult to complete. However, whichever way you play the game, make sure to activate the data post along the way so you donít have to start a level over from the beginning.

The action within with Lost Planet 2 will have you killing humans one minute and Akrid the next. While all the battles with the humans are predictable, I have to give it up Capcom for how they designed the Akrid confrontations because itís hard to predict when you will be facing a horde of them or simply one big ass boss. This keeps the player on their toes and making sure they have enough T-ENG and bullets for their next encounter. If this is your first time playing a Lost Planet game, then you will be shocked and amazed by the epic boss battles you will come across as they are truly epic. For those who have played through the first installment, you will recognize some baddies from the first installment; however none of them nor the new ones will stands out. Also, expect the framerate to dip at points where you are battles lots of enemies at once. Itís not that big of a deal, but it is noticeable.

When it comes to the visuals within Lost Planet 2, they fall along the lines of Capcomís hit last year, Resident Evil 5. Character models are well designed and so are the landscapes and various species of Akrid; however none of it shows signs of utilizing all of what the PS3 console is capable of pushing out. The only downside the visuals really comes when you are inside buildings. Your surroundings look a bit bland, nothing interesting or inviting to the human eye. In regards to the audio within Lost Planet 2, the lines of dialog are delivered quite well, though itís hard to understand the emotions the characters are trying to convey when you are not able to see their facesÖ with the exception of their eyes. Music suits each sequence within the game, but I canít help but feel it its looped. If you stay on the level long enough, you will notice the music is starting to play a part that you first heard when you first started said level.

If playing through the single-player campaign by yourself or with three other buddies via split-screen co-op or online play isnít enough for you, prepare to jump into heated battles within the multiplayer mode. The first couple of days I tried accessing the multiplayer mode, there wasnít anyone to play with as the game wasnít released yet. Because of that, I help off the review in order to experience the mode, so this review will cover all bases. Upon the game being released in retail stores, I found a variety of characters to play with online and I have to say that the battles are partook in were fun and engaging. There are a variety of modes to choose from, including Capture the Egg and Team Elimination that will keep you very busy for as long as you are online.

Looking back over my experience with Lost Planet 2 in comparison to the first installment, you can easily see that Capcom wanted and succeeded in providing the same great experience you found in Lost Planet with Lost Planet 2, while also fixing several of the issues that plagued the first installment. Now Lost Planet 2 isnít perfect itself and some people with find the single-player campaign very frustration if not playing with other people online, as well as the game menus being a bit confusing until you spend the time going through each one to see what they are used for. Whether you are new to the series or jumping back into it for some more intense action, Lost Planet 2 is a thrill ride to be had, however its best enjoyed with friends or strangers and not alone.


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