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Published By: Beatnik Games
Developed By: beatnik Games
Genre: Action, Indie
Players: 1-20
Rated: E10 (Everyone 10 and Up)
Release Date: April 5, 2010
Screenshots: Link
Price; $9.99
Written By: Anthony Cara

May 3, 2010 - I know exactly what you are thinking before you even read this review. “I’m bored! I wish there was a game that could satisfy my love of fast paced PVP combat and my love of suicidal ninja robots simultaneously…” Well, wish no more, because Plain Sight is finally here!

Believe me when I say that Plain Sight is perhaps one of the coolest, most addicting games that you are not playing right now! In fact, the game’s only real shortcoming is its lack of an active community, but hopefully this will change as word of mouth spreads and more people begin downloading this action packed PVP explosion-fest!

As far as I can discern, there is no real story. It seems that a handful of robots just like to smack into each other, absorb their opponent’s energy, and self detonate in some bizarre fashion that results in banking energy points… While the game offers multiple game types ranging from team death match to giant dinosaur mode (not joking here), it all comes down to the basic formula of kill and self destruct to earn points.

The game controls are quite simple. As with most PC games, you control your character with the classic WASD and mouse-click-and-drag combination. When an enemy is in sight, you hold down the left click until the targeting reticule turns red, release, and watch as your ninja-bot charges to victory and shatters its opponent in a fiery blast of unadulterated awesome! At this point, you choose one of two options: detonate in a fiery blast hoping to catch as many opponents in the explosion as possible, or go for glory and continue to kill opposing robots and increase your point multiplier. This is perhaps the most important decision in the game as you win rounds by scoring as many points as possible, but if someone kills you before you have the chance to detonate yourself, all your hard earned kills end up counting for nothing (that is except your opponent’s higher score!). After your death- be it by suicidal self destruct or robotic homicide, you have the option to spend you banked points on upgrades. As the rounds last about twenty minutes, these upgrades prove invaluable to staying alive and defeating your enemies.

The game let’s you decide how to upgrade your robot. My advice would definitely be to grab a shield and the warning upgrade as soon as possible. Once you see that red exclamation point over your head, you need to get away, or start tapping right click to activate your shield and hopefully repel would be attackers. From there, upgrading to double jump is definitely worthwhile as being more mobile than your opponents definitely gives you an edge. From there it’s all up to you- but keep in mind, you aren’t the only one getting stronger… and if you join a match that’s already been in progress for a while, you might find it difficult to compete against fully upgraded enemy robots!

The visuals are both minimal and stylized. Nicely cell shaded robots and environments, basic, somewhat lackluster explosions, cool flaming swords… yeah a game like this isn’t really centered on graphics so much as game play. The sound effects are ok, but a bit irritating after a while as you just here the sounds of dashing and exploding on a constant basis.

I must admit, as fun as this game can be, it is quite difficult to get used to. The tiny three dimensional arenas can be traversed in a single jump- causing your robot to go flying for another orbit. If this makes no sense to you, think of Super Mario Galaxy and how on minute you are on the topside of an environment, and one leap can send you… upside down and disoriented. What helps make the controls a bit easier is that these ninja robots are sticky (possible magnetic?) and whenever they jump against a surface they stick fast to it, allowing the player to regroup and re-orient. The somewhat confusing tiny 3D arenas and fast paced combat can be quite overwhelming at first, but once you get the basics down, you will be splattering other ninjas in no time!

Available from steam with an appealing price tag of just $9.99, I would definitely recommend picking this game up and possibly trolling some message boards or pestering your other PC gamer friends to put together a nice group with which to play and enjoy the chaos together!


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