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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Published By: Valcon Games
Developed By: W! Games
Genre: Strategy
Players: 1-4
Release Date: February 24, 2010
Screenshots: Link
Price: $9.99
Written By: Matthew Prunty

April 30, 2010 Ė When it comes to developers who donít have many titles under their belt, itís hard to predict how talented the studio may be. Case in point being W! Games, which their only other title was ĎMy Horse and Meí for the Nintendo Wii and DS, and is far from what is experience within their latest title, Greed Corp. The gist of the game is to outsmart your opponents and seizing the opportunity to blow them out of the skies. What makes Greed Corp interesting is that depending on your actions on the battlefield, you can quart up to three opponents single-handedly, or pin yourself into a corner for which death is your only option.

Greed Corp is comprised of two modes and an options menu. The two modes are Campaign and Multiplayer, both of which can and will bring about some interesting battle sequences. In the Campaign Mode, you control one of four factions whose out to control as much land as possible thwarting the advancements of the competitors. Considering the game is a turn-based title, you would think someone would be able to grasps the reigns easily and fly through the Campaign mode without the problem. Greed Corp is far from that picture, as the game on the easiest difficulty setting, can prove to be a little too much for those who are not well prepared. I have to say that it took me several attempts before I won my first battle simply because the AI doesnít pull any punches. When you think they performed the wrong move, it is you who is about to perform he wrong move, thus setting the wheels in motion for your untimely demise. Playing through the tutorial a couple of times, even trial and errors are your best tools for fully understanding the lay of the battlefield and how to survive it.

I have said it before and I will say it again, know the lay of the battlefield is key to your survival. When in battle, the left analog stick controls the camera, allowing you view the battlefield and highlight various tiles. The right analog stick controls the menu along the right-side of the screen, which allows you select various tasks. Once you have highlighted a tile you want to controller, you will use the right analog stick to highlight one of five battlefield units and press the Y button to select that unit. The five units --walker, cannon, harvester, flyer and armory-- all have an important role to play on the battlefield. The X button is used to attack and the A button is used to move units. If you need a quick attack, you would look to your walkers and the cannon to deal damage to your opponents. If you need to build reinforcements, the armory is your go to unit. The harvester allows you build up money to manufacture new units, while also destroying tiles around you, which is a key strategic play. Finally there is the flyer, which can pick up your walkers and place them on another tile if your area is about to be completely destroying, keeping you in the fight a bit longer.

After a couple battles within the Campaign Mode under your belt, you can continue to play through the mode to complete it, or venture online and try your skills out on unsuspecting individuals. I will admit when I first got this game, and even now, there are barely anybody online playing this game. Maybe itís the time of day that Iím playing the game, but I usually run into 5-10 people online, of which I may get 1 or 2 battles in. When I do play online, itís a whole different experience from what you play through in the Campaign Mode. I have faced individuals, that have destroying all tiles in front of them, causing the battle to be more about aerial strikes, which will require your cannons and flyers to help deliver the damage to your opponents.

While you wonít expect to see visuals like in God of War 3 or Splinter Cell: Conviction within a game like this, Greed Corp is surprisingly very details and beautiful to look at. When you are playing on tiles filled with greenery, the trees, rocks bushes are all nicely detailed. The varying landscapes and atmospheric backgrounds are also appealing, offering up a different visual cue each time you play the game. The faction units are also nicely detailed, though you wonít the manufacturer labels that on the backside of them. Overall, Greed Corp has a solid visual presentation. The music soundtrack for Greed Corp is very befitting of the title. Though the sound of a tile crashing the ground below is nothing to be scared of, it does add to the tension of the heated battle being played out around you. Weapon sound effects are nice.

Greed Corp is one of those games that you wish more people knew about and were willing to experience what it has to offer. Though there are several other titles out there that are of a similar nature, Greed Corp exudes its own flare that is very appealing to the gamer in all of us. Though this game tends to be on the difficult side, with practice and patience, youíll see your true skill shine through as you are taking down your enemies one by one, sometimes two at a time. For those who havenít picked up the game, I recommend going over a friendís house to play or, or simply pick it up from your online marketplace.


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