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Published By: Capcom
Developed By: Capcom
Genre: Fighting Action
Players: 1-2
Rated: T (Teen)
Release Date: April 14, 2010
Screenshots: Link
Price: 800 Points
Written By: Marcus Prunty

April 30, 2010 - Old school video games from previous generations have become a mainstay for the generation that we are in today. This has been much appreciated from gamers because classics never truly die and you never want to give them up as the graphics and systems change. The fighting game powerhouse Capcom brings to us a new title called Final Fight: Double Impact, which is a combination of two games. They combine Final Fight and Magic Sword into one epic nostalgic piece from the arcade era.

I will admit I never played Magic Sword back when I was kid and arcade machines dominated the gaming industry. Back when a pocket full of quarters and several hours with friends was the best thing on earth. Magic Sword is a side scroller where you play as a person who looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was in his heyday. In Magic Sword you take your sword and fireball spell and destroy countless enemies, which consist of mummies, dragons, and the vile Tiki heads. As you proceed through the many levels, you will get keys that unlock cells and you can release prisoners to help you advance. Each type of prisoner has his or her advantage in aiding you on your adventure through the dungeons. There are priests that help you destroy mummies easier, and ninjas that can attack from afar thus preventing some enemies from getting close to you to do damage.

The other title in this package being Final Fight is a title I am definitely familiar with and can attest to probably spending at least a 100 bucks or so playing at the arcades trying to beat. Final Fight is another side scrolling fighting game like Magic Sword and very reminiscent of Streets of Rage. A young girl has been kidnapped and her boyfriend, his friend and her dad who seems to have borrowed some of the steroids that the Magic Sword person must have been taking because he is old but ripped. You comb the streets of Metro City kicking the heck out of bad guys along the way in your attempt to find her and get her back. My favorite character I always used was Cody who happens to be her boyfriend and I love picking up pipes and knives and taking down the bad guys. Kicking butt and eating the occasional drumstick, which is always on the ground for some odd reasonÖ not sure why, is how you can replenish health, though eating off the ground and out of trash cans canít be too healthy for your image.

The porting of these two games over to next generation consoles was done very well. The punching and kicking and sword slashing is just as it was those many years ago on the arcades. The added feature of both these games is the drop in/out mode. As you are playing these games, you are playing online and your game is open to the world. At any point in time someoneÖ anyone; a friend, a stranger can drop in your game and play with you as you make your way through the game. In addition, as fast as they dropped in they can drop out and never affect your game in a detrimental way. The same can be done with a second controller on your system. A friend sitting in the room with you can join the game and play with you and if they get tired of playing can drop out just as quick. Another aspect of the game that I like is when you go to start the game an arcade machine is displayed just as it would be if you played it on the arcade. This was a cool feature and a welcome addition to the visuals for the game. The music is also old school as well as there is a more touched up version of the music if you want a fresher sound. I for one appreciated the original versions of the music so that is what I stuck with.

Now with the good comes the bad and Final Fight: Double Impact has its share of negative aspects. The first one that bothered me a bit especially when it came to Final Fight but is the same for Magic Sword is that deaths mean nothing. Back in the old day if you died you had to add more quarters to keep playing. Therefore, the likely hood of you beating the game in one sitting was next to impossible unless you came to the arcades with a ton of quarters. In these games, as it is now in majority of games, you have an infinite amount of continues to get it right and pass the game without any consequences, and there is also an ability to save at any time and continue from your save point. Another aspect of the game that bothered me is that you cannot pause the game when you first start. The game is online which means its open to everyone and Capcom didnít allow for pausing an online match so if you think you can pause and run to the bathroom you will find out like I did when you make it back and the continue screen is up cause you were killed. The only way to disable this is to go into the setting and make it a local game instead of the online game that is standard. In addition, another problem is there is one difficulty level, which is a drag because the one difficulty youíre given, isnít that hard for the most part and with the unlimited amount of continues your given makes it even easier and a matter of time before the game is beaten.

Final Fight: Double Impact is a very good port of two classic games by Capcom for next gen consoles. The added online feature lets you play with the world is a welcome addition to the original game. The graphics and music are old school and are preserved through the transitioning of these titles to next generation platforms. The lack of a harder difficulty and the unlimited continues makes the game a bit easier then it would have been if you played it back on the arcade. However, the ability for your friends to drop in and out outweighs the negatives. This game is how a classic should be done and I thank Capcom for a pretty good job well done and look forward to many more classic games being done right in the future.


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